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2015 Christmas Card

Another year almost gone – full of friends and family – and lots of activities. Hope yours was wonderful and next year is even better.

THANKS to everyone who viewed my Blog – I’m not adding anything new these days, but I am glad you can find something useful in what’s already posted.



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Christmas Tree 2014


Hope you are ready to enjoy the Christmas holidays with family and friends. 

Doesn’t look like I will be writing anything new for a while – am enjoying my time in the real world too much.

HAPPY BAKING and even happier eating! and my best wishes for a wonderful New Year that brings you closer to your dreams coming true.




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Whatever happened to….

Short answer: Some health issues have forced me to decide what is important in life. I choose to spend my time and energy in real life with friends and family and on my writing.

You can still follow me at (all about my books) and on Twitter @chucklebeary

Perhaps one day I shall start blogging again – either continue on this Blog or start a new one about being retired and doing what I love!

THANKS for all the support! Still amazes me that so many people enjoyed this Blog – originally written for my children and grandchildren.

MERRY CHRISTMAS 2013 and a VERY HAPPY 2014 to you. HUGS!!

Here’s the cover of my new book – my first one for adults. HAPPY READING!!

Grand Inheritance KDP cover

and here’s the link if you wish to purchase it:

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Visiting Old Home

Grannie Rosie at old home

My husband and I went back to our old neighborhood. Here I am in front of our old home.

View from my studio in old home

Here’s the view from my old studio. Bella, our dog watched everyone coming and going from the floor to ceiling windows. All the tourists would just walk by, but our friends and neighbors would always look up and wave.

Grannie Rosie at the beach

Beautiful place to live. A tiny and very remote community with wonderful people. Strange to be back and be called “Bella’s Mom” again!

Beach near old home 2013

Here’s some more photos of the beach – just a two minute walk from our old home. And there is NO ONE else on the beach even on a beautiful sunny afternoon! Not many places left on the planet like this!

Water view near old home 2013 Out to sea near old home 2013

Wonderful trip! Enjoyed meeting old friends and neighbors, and meeting new people who have joined the community.





Posted by: Rosie | August 15, 2013

Missing my Furry Family

Bella under computer table

No happy dog to meet us when we come home. And no faithful buddy keeping me company under my computer table.

Munchie in bed July 2013

No Mrs. Munchkin waiting to have a nap together.

Blackie in Munchie's house 2013

And if I go outside – my friend and neighbor’s cat, Blackie, has taken over Mrs. M’s house. He’s a sweet old guy who liked to hang out with Mrs. M. so I know he’s missing her too.



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Summer 2013 Toby edit 2
   Here is Toby – my friend’s new puppy!

Catherine and Toby

Just a few months ago my dear friend lost her long time companion, Buddy. Many of her friends helped her find the perfect new furry friend!

Summer 2013 Toby edit 3

Toby loves to untie my shoelaces – perhaps he hopes I will stay longer to play with him!

Several people have criticized my friend for, “getting a puppy at her age” but I think she’s wonderful for having such a good attitude about life and love!




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Bella and Mrs. Munchkin are gone

Bella on front porch 2 March 2010

BELLA the beautiful – January 11th, 1999 to July 25th 2013

Despite living to 14 1/2 years old, a very old age for a large dog (Bella was 82 pounds) she was not ready to leave this world and fought hard to stay with us. Cancer finally ended her life.

Munchie by Bruce edit

Mrs. Munchkin – adopted August 11th 2003 (she was about 1 1/2 years old)

to July 24th 2013

We had a few months warning about Bella, but we were stunned to lose Mrs. M the day before Bella. She was on medication for hyperthyroidism and mild diabetes, but we had no idea she was going to leave us.

At least Mrs. Munchkin is with Mr. Alex who died a few years ago. She never recovered from his death and still cried at night for him. 

We now have NO pets and are totally lost without them.


Posted by: Rosie | June 11, 2013

A Summer Trip

Mrs. Munchkin inspects my luggage

All packed up and ready to go. Mrs. Munchkin checks my luggage and complains about me leaving! My cart is overflowing with presents for everyone!

My boat awaits Summer 2013

Ferry waiting to take me to see my son and grandson!

Yachts at Horseshoe Bay Canada

View from the park in Horseshoe Bay, Canada, with all the beautiful yachts.


Summer cruise 2013

         A fabulous day to be cruising out on the ocean through the Gulf Islands of Canada       

  Wake from the ferry

Looking back over the stern of the ferry, wishing I had more time with my son and grandson but very happy we got together.

Virtual HUGS!! over Skype are wonderful and I LOVE the technology – but there is nothing like a REAL HUG – up close and personal.

Won’t see them again until October……

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More Paintings to Share

Paintings Night Unto Morning

Here are some more of my paintings – taking some time to load them into my computer pictures so I can print off copies to share with family and friends.

Someday (on my LONG list of things I want to do) I plan to redo this painting of looking up through the trees at the sunrise – only use palm leaves – the sunrise colors seem more tropical to me.

Paintings Happiness

I always (well almost always) clean out my palette before starting a new painting. I decided to play around with the colors I had and created this painting just for fun. I was going to throw it out, but my husband loved it so I kept it and framed it for him.

Paintings Broken Dreams

Some dreams will never some true.

We grieve their loss and make new dreams.

Paintings Diane edit

This oil painting was created by my dear friend – slightly damaged on the right but still infinitely precious to me.

Posted by: Rosie | April 20, 2013

Happy Spring


Time for more spring flowers. Our resident caretaker has pots of trees and flowers all over the property. Here are some beautiful spring blooms.

Blooming bush Spring 2013

Even the bushes are covered in flowers.

Camillia blooms 2013

The camellia is covered in white blooms.

flowers in the forest 2013

Little bells blooming in the forest.

Primroses Spring 2013

Primroses along the path.

Walk in the woods Spring 2013

and easy to take a walk into the woods.

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