Posted by: Rosie | September 30, 2011

Terra Nova launched!

First of all I want to mention there is a Terra Nova Park

in Newfoundland Canada –

I sincerely hope they are more eco-aware than the characters in

the new television series: Terra Nova!

First of all, let’s get past the bad science fiction of over population and bad air quality. (Please do your own research on those) not to mention if they had enough money for this immense project and the fancy medical care, they had enough to start cleaning up the air!!

But here we go again with the idea of something new and beautiful – a fresh start – and what do we get? The population is already shooting each other, driving around in armored vehicles tearing up the land and killing the indigenous life forms when they get in their way.

And leading it all is Stephen Lang who plays the same character he played in Avatar where human greed wanted to destroy an entire planet.

Have we learned nothing?

For generations people believed they were given the right to dominate this planet by God. Since then, the word ‘dominion’ has been properly translated to mean stewardship. God showed Adam all the animals and Adam named them. To me, that clearly implies a relationship with them. Adam accepted the responsibility to till the land and tend the plants as well.

We are meant to look after our home and every living thing on it. One day, we shall have to answer to God about the condition of the Earth, and what we have done to correct our errors.

I just want to sit and cry when I see this type of story. In the movie, Avatar, the idea starts out beautifully, but the humans turn the natives into crazed fighting demons destroying their home in a human style war.

These stories would mean so much more and give us hope if they showed how people could truly live in peace with their environment without needing to dominate it – or each other.

 Wars and violence sell movies and make money for people selling weapons to both sides while they sit in safety!

Let us continue to pray for peace and understanding.


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