Posted by: Rosie | October 18, 2011

More Halloween Stuff

Every year I try and learn something new. This year I chose jewelry making, just the basics for earrings and necklaces. When my Mom (mother-in-law) came to visit we had fun picking the beads and design to make a Halloween set for her. She is already for the Halloween dance!

Mom told me she is hiding these until the night of the dance so she can dazzle everyone!! What a GREAT MOM!!

This set took just a few minutes to put together – 3 jump rings and I was done!!

  Love this dragon!!

Think this is my favorite pumpkin drawing of all time!! Looks great on the wall. Wish they gave credit to the artists who create this wonderful stuff!!

You may remember how much I HATE washing dishes. This cute cat keeps me company while I slave away!! lol

Please do not try to find my decorations – I purchased some of them 20 years ago!!

All my jewelry making supplies come from Fire Mountain – they are wonderful!! Check out their designs and incredible selection. (Just a reminder I recommend things I like and NO ONE pays me for my opinion!)


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