Posted by: Rosie | October 23, 2011

Last Garden Days

As this season comes to an end, I wanted to share some last photos from my garden. The sun shone today. This morning might be the last time I could sit outside without a jacket.

You can see there are still a few blooms here and there: some orange Calendula, red poppies, last yellow dahlia and white cosmos.

With some great suggestions from my husband I was finally able to get a decent shot of my fall crocuses!

Already have the suet out for the birds. With the starlings gone, one cake of suet lasts the smaller birds a long time.

The big Holly tree has an abundant crop of berries this year. The birds eventually eat them over the winter.

Very pleased to announce the Blue Jays finally arrived back. One of them perched in the tree over our heads and yelled at us for several minutes. We think he was complaining there were no peanuts on the feeding table! We will be picking some up tomorrow. He flew off to join four other jays and complain about our lack of proper food!


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