Posted by: Rosie | October 25, 2011

A GREAT Halloween

As promised, I found the photos from our most decorated Halloween ever! That year, we were part of our grandson’s home schooling program so we were able to enjoy some wonderful times together.

As these photos are a few years old, the quality is not as good. This was the first year for these decorations, complete with the fence for the cats and rats to sit on. You can see the “ghost” taking the photo too!! lol

This fun-loving couple greeted everyone looking in the window. Gord and Shelley Rind sadly did not survive our last move but they enjoyed a few years as celebrities in the tiny community we lived in.

Protecting my awesome grandson’s identity!! That’s a cut and paste not his costume!!

Here we are starting the spider web! We learned a lot about spiders. I LOVE spiders outside but not too happy when the big ones come indoors. Bella, our dog, watching over grandson at all times!

Here I am taking a break while grandson takes my photo. Forgot about my wonderful rose-colored glasses to protect my eyes from the tree branches. They really did make the world look rosier!

One of my students also helped create our wonderful web and stuff the spider with packing paper.

Here is the spider all ready to take care of our guests!!


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