Posted by: Rosie | October 26, 2011

Mrs. Munchkin’s New House

In the summer Mrs. Munchkin loves to sleep under her beautiful pink bush.

When she still goes under it in the fall, her fur picks up the nasty prickles and leaves them in the bed when she has a nap inside. They are very sharp!

And why am I telling you this?

So you do not think we spoil our pets. We do, I just do not want you to think we do!! lol We wanted Mrs. Munchkin to have a place to be safe and dry outside even in the rain and snow. So we bought her a small doghouse. AND we hope this will bring an end to the prickle problem!

Mrs. Munchkin took over the old doghouse when we first adopted her. We gave it away when we left that house and never got another one. Bella, our dog HATES doghouses. She was forced to live outside in a rat infested doghouse before she was rescued and we adopted her.

We put the house together on the kitchen counter.

Mrs. Munchkin quickly figured out the house was for her but she did not like everyone watching her!!

Walking by our house you cannot even see her new house.

We even got her the front patio in the hopes we will not get any more prickles brought inside!!


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