Posted by: Rosie | November 3, 2011

Grannie’s Bling Collection!

First of all, it is NOT bling!! lol

Nothing fancy in my jewelry collection but I wanted somewhere to keep the necklaces I am making in better order. I also wanted to make it easy for family and friends to see something they liked. Then I can either give it to them, or make a duplicate to send later.

Here’s what I had:

and here’s what I have now – with lots of room for new creations! And I turned on the lights so it looks even better!!

My earrings are in really fancy boxes – lol –

Chocolate boxes are VERY useful things and still smell good too 🙂

These heart boxes are from Valentine’s.

I just glued on some wrapping paper and put a few coats of finish over it. This one is about 15 years old now and still useful.

Here is one of my teddy bear earring and pins boxes. Again, just decorated with cut out wrapping paper and some finish to protect it. I probably just used a non-toxic finish from my wood painting supplies. Use thin even coats and let dry between coats.


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