Posted by: Rosie | December 5, 2011

Celebrating on Twitter

This Saturday I had a blast with my Twitcam!! Although I only wanted a few buddies to join me, in case I made a total fool of myself, over 20 people were online with me at one point!

THANKS to my wonderful buddies who showed up and helped me calm down (I was very nervous at the beginning)! If you missed the fun, you can watch it here You might want to miss the first four minutes – I started too early and you get to watch on empty chair for a while!! lol

Here I am proudly showing off one of the first copies of CRISIS COMPANY!!

Just a fun note – I made my earrings and necklace. I really enjoy creating with beads!

When I asked my husband to help me by taking some photos, I reassured him I did not need anything awesome. “OK,” he replied, “I will aim to take some UN-awesome photos for you!”

He made me laugh a lot and we had a great time. Here is the cover of Inside a Wish!! lol

Someone asked how long my hair is – so here you go!!


I love buying clothes from the Thrift Shop and personalizing them. This one started off as a $4 shirt, I added heart buttons and some applique. Now it’s unique and wonderful.

And here is the back cover of CRISIS COMPANY!! You can see the decorations behind me to protect the birds. They can see the window and do not try to fly through the house!


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