Posted by: Rosie | December 9, 2011


I thought I should explain why I sign HUGS!! to my Tweets.

HUGS are wonderful things and have always been special to me. I give out HUG COUPONS to promote Good Bears of the World. This amazing International group of people give out bears to people who have been traumatized by natural disasters, fires, illness and abuse. Teddy bears are very helpful to children as well as adults. Many bears find loving arms with neglected older people who are forced to live in care facilities.

HUGS are healing. Did you know babies will die if no one hugs them? Watch a mother cat with her kittens. She is constantly reassuring them she loves them with physical gestures. Even when we grow up, we need to be hugged.

This is the back of my Hug Coupon and lists some of the great benefits from being hugged.

On Wiglington and Wenks, a virtual world (sadly it failed and is gone now) we usually greeted each other and signed off with “HUGS”. Although we cannot be together in person, I like to “HUG” everyone in my Tweets and hope it helps their day go better!

This is a cross stitch I did when my children were young. I still love it and have it hanging near the front door. I made the mat myself using punch outs from cardboard I painted with all the different colors.

 My husband gives GREAT HUGS!! We joke about our “hug quota”! We both need lots of HUGS everyday!! If he is not around, I have Bella, our dog, and Mrs. Munchkin, to hug, and lots of teddy bears who love a good HUG!!


Here are some great quote about HUGS:

A HUG is a great gift – one size fits all, and it’s easy to exchange.

Home is where the HUGS are!

HUGS are the universal medicine.


They invented HUGS to let people know you love them without saying anything.

-Bill Keane-

There’s nothing like a mama-HUG!

-Adabella Radici-



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