Posted by: Rosie | December 24, 2011


This will be a LONG post but the last one for a while as we all settle in for a wonderful holiday!! Hope yours is wonderful!!

First of all I want to thank EcoMom from Minimonos and the rest of the awesome staff for helping me with my contest and awarding the prizes so quickly despite the season and the earthquakes in New Zealand!! WOOT WOOT!! for service!!

CONGRATS to all the winners and many thanks for everyone who came and laughed with me on my Twitcams yesterday. I plan to talk for about 20 minutes, but we always go longer. Both Twitcams yesterday went almost an hour!!

Special thanks again for my wonderful Buddies on Twitter!!

I had a special contest just for them!!

 Here is the magic silver bowl with all the entries!!

And the winners are:


 And here are the entries for Memberships!!

The winners are:


(I awarded shells to one winner as he just purchased a membership)

 Here is Christmas Card for you!

This was done using



Here is the top of my Christmas tree with my favorite angel!

My husband made sure I had my Christmas roses!

Here’s our small turkey for this year! YUMMY!!


 Cranberries from a can this year. I miss picking my own highbush ones!!


The stuffing always disappears quickly (so I make extra and cook it separately). We are having such a mild Christmas I was able to go into the garden for fresh sage and thyme!!

And everyone loves lots of gravy!!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday!!

I will be back in January with new plans and a new story, but now is the time for family, friends and FUN!!




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