Posted by: Rosie | January 4, 2012

Let’s STOP Bullying!!

This is the year I pledge to help stop abuse in all forms. One of the worst things I see is students bullying other students. The result is totally destroyed lives that end in suicide. I cry for those lost souls who are tortured to death. The sweet faces of those who recorded videos and were brave enough to post them on YouTube, and the horrible interviews with the parents and friends left behind to grieve.

Please let me know if there are other campaigns and organizations working together to end these tragedies. I remember how difficult being a teenager can be, even without the added horror of being bullied!

I love Pink Shirt Day and the story of the students who were brave enough to protect their fellow students! Well done!! You are an inspiration to us all.

One of the things I would like to see is a symbol that can be worn everyday, by anyone, to show they want to end abuse in all its ugly forms. If you know of anyone already working on this, please let me know.

I would love to hear from anyone working to end abuse. I encourage you to join existing programs in your area.



  1. wow didnt know that totally wearing pink on April 11!!!

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