Posted by: Rosie | January 5, 2012

For the Birds

Anyone who follows me on Twitter is probably tired of hearing me announce I am going to feed the birds every morning. I decided to post about our birds and share with you what a delight they are.

For those of you who prefer photos, and not lots of words, just scroll down and enjoy! ALL the bird photos are by my husband! Some are great and some are just “remembering photos” of our feathered friends, but I wanted to post photos of the actual birds that visit us!

Here is a list of the birds we have visit our feeders, and don’t forget we have Squirrely too!!

Sparrows – several different varieties

Pine Siskens

Chickadees – we have a whole colony in the pine tree – I love these cheerful little guys. They hang upside down and sideways as if gravity does not matter to them!


Falcon – who crashed into our window last year and survived. He has been much more careful trying to catch his dinner!

Steller’s Jays

Eurasian collared doves – a mated pair. This species is just moving into our area and we may have seen some of the first ones!

a covey of Quails – sometimes all of them come – over 30 of them

the Robins are back already and are eating the holly berries

Black Headed Junkos

Rosy Finches! My favorites!

During the Christmas holidays we had company inside as well as outside the window! This lovely Rosy Finch stayed for the entire party!

When I tweet the birds are calling me to come and feed them, I really mean they are at the window looking right at me and calling, “Grannie Grannie Grannie!!”

American Gold Finches – we had 2 mated pairs in the summer

Flickers – these are big bug eaters who like seeds too

Hummingbirds – we still have a pair around. They never left and we do NOT have a hummingbird feeder up!



A flock of  Crows comes through every two weeks or so

We grow things to help feed the birds as well as having a hazelnut tree.

I thought the birds were just playing in the cosmos until I read they love eating the seeds.

The birds also love seeds from the Batchelor Button flowers.

 And we all loved the sunflowers!!

Hope this shows some of the joys of taking care of the birds. After all, we built houses all over their habitat – the least we can do is help them survive!




  1. Wow, I love your blog & your garden. Thank you for sharing that with us, I really enjoy it & hope to read more posts. 🙂

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