Posted by: Rosie | January 27, 2012

A Week of FUN!!

This has been an amazing week having FUN with all my Buddies on Tinkatolli! I have met several old friends from my days at Wiglington and Wenks – was GREAT to see them again!

Here are some wonderful Blogs by my good buddies to help you get around Tinkatolli!!

Here’s my first Tinka!! I think she’s SOOO cute!!

Here I am with some buddies sharing stories 🙂 That’s me in the front left (the blue kid with droopy ears! lol) with the awesome story teller, Cool Patriot, and on the right in purple in the creator of this wonderful Tinka pad, Cocoboy –

All the decorating in this pad was done with organics found around the site. My Buddy Zane is with me too!

Check out the weekly winners of the “Pad of the Week” contest!! Creativity flows around and through everyone on TINKATOLLI!!



  1. Hey thats an awesome pad! LOL

  2. Hey Rosie! I’m in that picture! ❤ HUGS!!

  3. YES!! You are there. I updated my text 🙂 That was a GREAT evening together! Thanks.

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