Posted by: Rosie | January 29, 2012


The first snowdrop has bloomed in my garden. Although we will get lots more snow and cold weather, I am happy to know spring is coming!

We had two new birds at our feeders this weekend. Here is a photo from my husband of one of them. We have NO idea what it is. Not finding it in our books.

And here are two short videos my wonderful husband took! They will give you some idea of the birds we get. When I give someone directions to walk to our home, I say turn the corner and follow the sound of the birds!!

Every time we go out when the sun is shining, Bella sits down and waits for me to start gardening! She wants spring to start so we can spend out days outdoors.

Mrs. Munchkin scent marking a fallen branch! Everything inside and outside belongs to her!!

Looking forward to spring and being outside with my flowers!




  1. Intersesting and cool bird I havent seen any bird like that, cute doggy and kitty!

  2. Hey its Cocoboy just commenting to let you know my art is in the tinkafair that you wanted to see. Also I have some makeables and a craft in the tinkafair so next time you are on TT you can see the picture you wanted to look at!

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