Posted by: Rosie | February 1, 2012

Fairy Houses

I am sure you already know I LOVE fairies. This year my calendar has fairy houses on it!

Not surprisingly, this beautiful calendar sold out at but is still available from some amazon affiliates.

I ordered mine through Ebay from Australia! Really glad I did!

I have always felt a deep connection to the Earth. The few times I lived in an apartment above ground level, I felt very strange and disoriented.

I want to share this wonderful site with you where Barry and Tracy Kane are working to connect kids with nature in the hopes they will grow up determined to protect our precious planet and all its amazing life forms!

I purchased both their photographic books:


I encourage you to check out Fairy Houses! There are several other books and wonderful sites about this art form. Why not build one yourself?


Still stuck inside waiting for spring? Missing time with your Buddies?


Looking to be creative on-line ?

Join me, Rosie Chuckles, on  

Have some fun on-line while learning how to take care of our planet!

Join me, Rosie Chuckles, on


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