Posted by: Rosie | February 8, 2012

Let’s Have Summer

Alright. That’s it! I am offically sick of winter and being cold! If I cannot have summer in real life – let’s have a virtual summer of sunflowers and a rose for Rosie!!

This is the first year ever I will not get crocuses blooming for my birthday. The next Ice Age is coming soon!





There! I feel much better now. Perhaps spring will come soon.

I invite you to check out my stories website and enjoy my post about Mr. Alex and Mrs. Munchkin who are main characters in my new series: ERROWS OF SPRING




  1. Cool post,great flowers and who is in that picture?

    • LOL That is ME!! in the picture.

  2. Cool! Woooow, I just realized how tall those flowers are in the first picture!

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