Posted by: Rosie | March 13, 2012



 Here’s my Tinka pad all decorated in roses for Rosie 🙂

 First of all, there is a new level system on Tinkatolli that is easy to follow. Decorating your pad, collecting junk and collecting blings, pretty much everything you do will collect more points towards your next level. Just check top left to see how close you are getting.

Making this fiercesome and dangerous looking Tinka earned me a Sweet Sixteen badge and to level 13!! THANKS to everyone who voted for Tangrot.

I LOVE the cheering announcement when I level up. WOOT WOOT!!

 Here I am with one of my three Tinkas showing off the outside of my pad. Check out my cool car!! Thanks to my Buddy TinkaRobert for giving me the daffodils I needed to finish off my bedroom in yellow.

And for those of you who are wondering what I am doing being on-line and posting: my son and granddaughter were not able to make it for Spring Break. Hoping they will get here later this year. These things happen.

Happy to be back on-line with my awesome buddies!!



  1. Fiercesome and dangerous looking Tinka? Not what I would expect from GrannieRosie xD but congrats on badge and level up.

    • A few weeks ago I made my cute and happy sunflower Tinka but hardly got any votes!! Made this fierce one and everyone liked it and I got my badge!! lol I needed a dangerous looking Tinka for a project – Tangrot will look perfect for it. (Will share more about my project soon)

  2. Ooh a project … my guess is St.Patricks Day celebration

    • One hint on my next project – I have one Tinkatolli membership to give away!

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