Posted by: Rosie | March 18, 2012


First of all, spring, the season is very late here this year. Crocuses usually bloom weeks before my birthday at the end of February and this year is the first year ever they did not bloom in time to celebrate my special day.

Secondly, ERROWS of SPRING, Mission 1, Two Tonnes of SISU, will be delayed for a while. I will let you know when I have set a new launch date.

In real life, my family needs my time and attention. Hopefully, the conflicts have been resolved, and everyone can go forward with their lives, and I will be able to concentrate on my writing and drawing again.

My sweet husband is amazing, as always, keeping me calm and helping everyone else.

THANKS to all my wonderful buddies on Tinkatolli and minimonos for some time away from my troubles to enjoy those incredible worlds. The new level system, collecting points and shamrocks on TT, and the orbventure on MM, have given me a welcome break from the real world for a few hours each day.


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