Posted by: Rosie | March 26, 2012

Sunshine Chuckles

 My Buddy, Hisup, took this pic of a glitch on Tinkatolli! Sunshine Chuckles, my Tinka, is up in the sky looking like the sun and smiling down on everyone!

Here I am outside the Museum of Unusuals created by my Buddy VeggieMaster from Tinkatolli. What an amazing display!

And here is Veggie carefully checking an ancient map to find out more about some of his items, while I enjoy the many wonderful treasures inside the Museum of Unusuals.

A beautiful red rose petal carpet leads through the museum making me feel like a VIP and filling the air with the sweet smell of roses.

Every time I go out in my garden I see things that remind me of Tinkatolli. Under the bird feeding table, the birds have dug up most of the grass. It reminds me of Mudpatch!! No junk or blings to collect though! lol

This patch of lichen that fell off the old cherry tree looks like it could easily be made into a beard for a Tinka!!



  1. Very nice invisions of Tinkatolli and nice museum!

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