Posted by: Rosie | April 20, 2012

TinkaPad of the Week!!

I was STUNNED (of course I am often quite stunned lol) to find out I had won the Tinkapad of the Week!! Here is my profile from today with some lovely new badges 🙂 and all three of  my Tinkas.

My car is all ready for a trip around Tinkatolli. You can see some of my treasures through the windows. I love covering my pad in flowers.

And here we are inside with my favorite ducky and all my eggy buddies. Flags from all over the world remind me how wonderful it is to play on Tinkatolli with Buddies from so many different countries. Awesomeness!!

We always have FUN on Tinkatolli but sometimes even a little crazy – like last week with the cloning problem!! My good Buddy, Tinkarobert thinks it was the new shower in Upper Canopia that caused the problem!!


After all those clones, it was lovely to just sit back and relax with just ONE TinkaRobert at his amazing Tinkapad.

Here I am – being tempted by the wonderful strawberries growing on the outside on TinkaRobert’s!

All the decorating is done with organics!! Well done Buddy!! Thanks for the lovely visit!!



  1. Awesome! Congrats!

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