Posted by: Rosie | April 27, 2012

Sightly Silly Saga

I promised to let you know what happened with my great plans for the future – no matter how they came out.

Here’s the short version:

I do not have to have needles in my eye anymore! My husband does not need surgery!! BUT none of our great plans are finished yet!

And here is the long version:

Nothing is finished yet. Every time we try to go forward, it seems we need to do something else first!

So I decided I would share with you where we are now!

This is the first of several posts to bring you up to date.

Do not worry about reading all the words – just enjoy the photos!!

What we do know?

You may remember I was diagnosed with wet macular degeneration (makes your vision go fuzzy and eventually you go blind without treatment. There is still no treatment for dry macular degeneration). I dutifully went every month to have a needle shot directly into my eye with the medication. But a year later, the lump on my retina looked just the same.

So they great news is – I do NOT have to have needles in my eye anymore. The bad news is – I probably will not see any better than I do now unless I consent to have surgery which would risk losing the sight I do have.

Weeks ago, I spent some time with a wonderful Optometrist. I ordered my new glasses. There was a great sale on glasses so my order took a while because so many people ordered new glasses.

I got my three pairs of glasses a few days ago: one for reading, one for everyday and one for the computer! And two were all wrong!! So back to the Optometrist who figured out why and now I am waiting for new glasses again!

My sweet husband gave me this cute plush raccoon as part of celebrating where we are NOW!

My husband has spent months having medical tests and I am thrilled to tell you – he does not need heart surgery!! He’s still not very well, so we are trying some different therapies and hopefully we will find the right one soon!

So what are we doing?

My husband and I are celebrating this moment! I do not have to have needles in my eye and he does not need surgery!! WOOT WOOT!!

We plan to go out for dinner on the weekend, just the two of us, and tomorrow my daughter and her family will be here!!

These last two photos are just for FUN!! My husband and I laughed so hard when we saw the first photo!! He offered to Photoshop in my name and a serial number like a mug shot!!

I will be posting more about what’s happening with our great plans! Seems we are “on hold” for a while longer.



  1. Awesome! I am happy that you dont need to have needles anymore and that your husband doesnt need surgery. Well I am going to go to ball hockey ina few hours and I will tell you how it goes later. C ya 😀

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