Posted by: Rosie | April 30, 2012

Where do we go from here?

I used the cherry tree in winter for the cover of my first published story.

I have put my writing dreams aside for the moment as I focus on more important goals: getting my husband retired and moving to a small community.

We are not happy living in a city and are really looking forward to living somewhere we know all the residents. Some of our happiest times were living on a tiny island with about 300 other hardy souls as we lugged our groceries (and anything else we wanted) from the boats along dirt roads with our wheelbarrows and bikes.

Here’s the cherry tree in bloom. You can see how dark and gloomy things are here. It might look like global warming where you are – but for the last few years it looks like the next ice age is coming here!! I had my winter coat on today!

As much as we would love to go back there, our days of carrying everything, and easily getting in and out of boats, are over.

Another gloomy view of the back yard – gives you a better idea of the size of this beautiful old tree. We think it was planted about the time the house was built – about 80 years ago.

We would also like to move somewhere warmer and where spring actually arrives in April! Over 20 years ago, when we moved to this area, I put my shorts on in April and I did not need to get out my long pants again until the end of October. Now, I am lucky to get 2 or 3 months to wear my summer clothes.

Angelique tulips for my wonderful granddaughter. They even smell beautiful!

Will be hard to leave our good friends and neighbors, our home and my garden, but I have faith we will find something even better.

Darwin tulip in full bloom.

Lots of blooms on the quince’s new growth. I pruned it last year.

I will be posting more on our plans for the future. Every day I am working to get closer to being ready for when we find the right house.

This weekend my daughter came and took the china cabinet and contents home with her. She can enjoy the family dishes and crystal now with her family.

Twice in my life, I have walked up to a house, without going inside, and known it was the right home.

My daughter and I were talking about the house she grew up in and how happy we were there.

 Over thirty years ago, my husband and I made a careful list of everything we wanted in a house. We must have looked at over 60 different houses. Our real estate agent (and friend) keep telling us to look at a house – it had nothing on our list and was 56 steps up from the street. Yes!! lol More lugging stuff up and down! But we all loved that house.

That’s what I want this time – to know – this is the right house and we will be happy here.

– still looking –



  1. Awesome! I wish you lots of good luck in finding a house you will love!

  2. Oh and also much congrats on publishing a book, looks really good!

    • Thanks so much for your faithful commenting 🙂 Miss seeing you on Tinkatolli but very happy you
      are out in the real world having FUN!! HUGS!!

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