Posted by: Rosie | May 2, 2012

Books to Go

So many books to pack! My daughter now owns 17 boxes of my books! She has no more room and I still have lots of books! I have reduced my “overflow” books to 4 boxes!!

Books are very heavy and costly to move so some of them have to go!

Already double layers of books in my library bookcases. And all good book collections should have white mice in them 🙂

Every time someone goes near the bookcase the LGM talks. He usually says, “A stranger from the outside!” No one can take my books!!

I let my Furbies sleep. When I try to wake them up just complain about “no light!”

Need to sort through all these books, then my sewing and crafting books, cook books and all my drawing and painting books. Going to take me a few more days!

Hopefully help is coming. A big strong 16-year-old Buddy should be here later this week (he has another job to finish with his Dad first). He lived next door to us, starting when he was 4, and often came over looking for homemade cookies! Now he lives a few blocks away and still drops by for cookies! We will be paying him real money (and cookies of course lol) for his help!




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