Posted by: Rosie | May 9, 2012

Walk in my Garden

 While I am spending most of my time and energy packing and getting ready to move somewhere – I love to walk through my garden and enjoy some quiet time.

Where are we going? I have no idea. When are we going? I do not know. I am going forward on faith that we will find the right home and community.

My focus right now is to move everything we want to keep upstairs, including my studio, and give away the rest. My daughter has already taken a lot of stuff, and my son is coming with a trailer soon!

So let’s leave our troubles behind for a few minutes, and enjoy some sunshine and flowers:

Forget me nots are wonderful – planted one tiny patch last year. It seeded itself and we now have many beautiful blue patches.

These are so pretty!

and bluebells everywhere!

Sunrise tulips – the color of hope for better days!

SO many blooms on the quince this spring.

Now it is time to go back to the real world but I enjoyed the time to remember what it really important in life: family and friends, caring for our home planet and each other, and having faith even when life is difficult and uncertain.



  1. Awesome! I always like taking a walk in your garden!

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