Posted by: Rosie | May 22, 2012

Some old Paintings

While sorting through years of accumulated belongings, I am finding some fun things. I painted these in the early 1990s – soon after I started painting! My wonderful instructor insisted I take her advanced class at the same time I attended her beginner class. She said I had talent but needed to learn how the paints worked!

You will see in all these paintings – I did not leave a margin for my framer! I learned you must leave at least 1/4 inch for the poor framer to frame your paintings. Much easier if you give them 1/2 inch!!

This painting is from an exercise – you pour a few paint mixes onto your paper and swirl it around to see what you get. Then you sharpen and define the images. It’s a lot of fun – like watching clouds and seeing the shapes floating above your head.

Another exercise – still life!! Boring!! I like things to happen in my paintings!!

Some fun colors of the Northern Lights.




  1. Awesome paintings! I like them all so much you must be very talented!

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