Posted by: Rosie | May 27, 2012

Summer Garden

Be true to yourself and bloom the way you want!

There is a note to all my on-line Buddies at the end of this post. Please ignore it if you just dropped by to enjoy the flowers.


As we are going to be here over the summer, my daughter and I chose a few flowers to brighten up the garden. 

 Last spring, this flowering tree did not do bloom much but this year it is showing off beautifully!

These double impatients are my favorite from this year. They are happy with just a few hours of sunshine every day.

While I am sitting around spending my life waiting at the hospital and doctor’s offices, I am re-reading the awesome Artemis Fowl series. This is my favorite cover of one of the books. Start with Artemis Fowl and enjoy the stories!

This may be my last post for a while. Here is why:

As you know, despite all the tests, my husband is not well and the doctors do not know how to help him, so we delayed moving again.

Although I am not in pain and feel fine, my family doctor sent me for tests after my annual physical.

On Monday (May 28th) I have to go for surgery. Apparently it may take another 6 weeks, and more tests, before my specialist can decide if anything more needs to be done.

If I don’t feel well enough after the surgery, Jacob will tweet with updates – probably very late Monday.

I debated about telling anyone on-line about this but decided honesty is best.

Pray for me. Thank you.

Looking forward to being back with everyone soon!

HUGS!! from Rosie



  1. Awesome flowers! I will comment on surgery in above post!

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