Posted by: Rosie | May 30, 2012


Here is how I felt being in the hospital!! lol

As usual, please enjoy the pics and read the words if you want to!

Home from the hospital with GREAT NEWS!!

Doctors cannot see much with tests done outside people, but as soon as my surgeon could look inside me, he could see what was wrong. He fixed it!!

I had to stay in the hospital instead of coming home the same day. I’ve only gone to visit other people in hospital for decades so it was really weird being the person in the bed!!

Will take me a few weeks to heal up and be back in my garden, but the GREAT NEWS is – the doctor fixed my problem.

(They are still doing a few more tests to make sure everything works properly again but my doctor assures me they expect perfect results and no further treatment will be needed)

If you see me on Minimonos or Tinkatolli, please understand if I do not feel up to chatting much for now. I will be back to my usual cheerful self in a few weeks.



I worked hard to get my garden planted and the house scrubbed up before I went into the hospital.

All ready for summer flowers! We have multi-colored cosmos this year, only 3 varieties of sunflowers, and double the sweet peas. My husband helped me move the sweet pea fence to the sunnier side.

Bella waiting for me to come and clean up my herb garden. You can see how big the spanish lavender is – all those purple flowers on the right. It is taking over again.

Please be patient with me while I recover. Heading back to bed now. Missing everyone and hoping to be back with you soon!




  1. Awesome!!! So glad your going to be healing now! Hope to see you again soon!

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