Posted by: Rosie | June 15, 2012

Mystery Bird Solved

Answers are found in the strangest places sometimes. Way back in February I posted this pic of a new bird at our feeders but no one knew what it was.

I was looking through my art books for some tips on painting cats. This is an AWESOME instruction book with beautifully detailed pics showing how to recreate her work!

While I was looking through the book – I found this painting and the name of my bird: it is a varied thrush!!

Wonderful to find the answer 🙂 The bird still comes by our feeders.

I also found this pic of my favorite fence – I love the dog being able to look out but being safely kept in the yard away from traffic and other dangerous things.

The fence was featured in this issue of Country Woman magazine – which I cannot recommend enough!! Fabulous garden and home ideas as well as great stories and recipes. The same company also does Birds and Blooms – the photos are wonderful in every issue! Lots of birds and butterflies as well as great gardening tips!


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