Posted by: Rosie | August 3, 2012

Packed Up and Nowhere to go!

I have worked hard and downsized our possessions from needing a 2400 square foot house down to about 1200. Now all my children are overflowing with stuff they have to fit in! lol

Last time we moved, the movers put all my labels to the back so I could not tell what anything was. This time I put labels front and back – so I am sure they will put the boxes sideways so I still cannot read the labels! lol

Enough of the packing and labelling – let’s see what’s blooming in my garden:

I LOVE star-gazer lilies and this year they seem very special, knowing this is the last time they will bloom for me. I hope the new owners will love my garden and look after it.

Here are the beautiful old tiger lilies that my husband loves. These are the same variety introduced to the West from China in the 1800s.

And, of course, we cannot be out in the garden without my faithful Buddies:

Thought I should answer this question on my Blog as several buddies have asked me, “WHY are you moving away from a house and garden you obviously love?” Easy answer: we do NOT own this house. We are just renting it. We want to own our own home so we have to move from the expensive City to a smaller town. As my husband and I are both small town people, we are very happy to move away from the noisy crowds.

And NO, we are still looking for the right house, but we are getting closer to finding it. My husband just retired a few weeks ago so we can look spend some serious time traveling to look at houses. So if I am not around for a few days – I am off in a small town looking for a home!


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