Posted by: Rosie | August 16, 2012

In My Garden

With lots of watering, my garden is blooming beautifully in the hot sun. Here are Tiger lilies in the front yard. My husband’s favorites.

Hydrangea blooming signal the last days of summer. One of the last flowers to bloom.

The Hallowe’en gladioli survived the long winter outside. I should have “lifted” them and stored them in the basement – only lost one despite not looking after them properly.

The birds “planted” this giganteus sunflower which will give them a massive head of seeds for fall eating.

The grapes are coming along nicely.

Last year we had a large patch of all white cosmos grown from seed. We have a few around the garden from self-seeding, but the main patch is from a mixed variety of  potted plants from my local nursery.


Wonderful year for star-gazer lilies. Here is the patch from the back yard.

 We grew Batchelor Buttons from seeds last year and they self-seeded this year.

 and one of the last roses of the summer.

My family is gathering here in a few days so will not be around much until the end of the month. Hope your days are filled with sunshine and fun times.


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