Posted by: Rosie | November 6, 2012

Geese in my Kitchen

Here is my dish pattern – the same dishes my children grew up with. I bought some more of this outdated pattern from Ebay a few years ago and expect they will last the rest of my life. Still love them.

LOVE these fun prints of the Chef with his goose, and different coffees by Betty Whiteaker. Along with them, I have a few Cherished Teddies Wallies (reuseable wall stickers).

The Chef and his goose prints are available from:



and finally, here are my cute cat burner covers.

I posted all these for my grandkids who couldn’t see them clearly when we were on Skype last night – and decided to share them with everyone.

Happy cooking and have a great dinner – and hope it is NOT your turn to wash the dishes!! lol



  1. how can i buy those cat burner covers?

    • I bought those covers many years ago at my local dollar store. I have never seen them since. Wish I could be more helpful.

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