Posted by: Rosie | January 4, 2013

My Dollhouse

Winter 2013 January 4th Blog 1

Many years ago, when my children were young, a good friend of ours made my daughter a dollhouse. She loved it! I guess it must have been obvious that I loved it too because a few months later, Jock made me this beautiful dollhouse – custom-made for me! It’s an old Victorian house with a fireplace in every room, except the attic, which has a pot-bellied stove.

Mice in the attic

We have two grand pianos and the kids are allowed to ride their bikes inside! We don’t have many rules in this house! The mouse feels safer living upstairs with the smaller cats.

Sleeping baby

This baby is not the right size for the house but she’s very good and sleeps all the time.

television room

Here’s the TV room – but no one spends much time in it.


This cat seems to have an empty bowl – not very good service in this kitchen!! lol  Mrs. Munchkin would never tolerate an empty food dish!

Cat family living room

These cats are the Fisher Cat family from Calico Critters – a new family for my dollhouse this year. The hand painted furniture is from Scandinavia when my mother and grandmother toured there in the 1950s.

 My Buddy the dollhouse builder

Here’s the master dollhouse builder. Sadly it is the best photo I have of this amazing friend.

magical puzzle

Here’s a puzzle I did a long time ago – my children were stunned – looks just like Jock!

Yesterday, two good friends came for lunch. You would think we were all kids again! We had a wonderful time playing with the dollhouse and they both wanted me to take photos for them – so here you are, ladies, and everyone else who wants to enjoy a few minutes of FUN!!





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