Posted by: Rosie | February 18, 2013


Hello and Welcome

Have been very busy enjoying the real world after all the time I spent at home while my husband was ill. So good to be out and about, visiting, going for lunch and dinner, and walking to the library and grocery store.

Of course, I’ve been missing all my good Buddies on-line, so will be trying very hard to find a good balance to enjoy time with YOU!!

Grannie Rosie's solarium

SO come on in – take a nice comfy old chair in the solarium and enjoy the view. Don’t mind if Mrs. Munchkin runs away – she’s not very social. She will curl up and take a nap in her bed until you leave.

View of the lake with Bafflehead ducks!

Here’s the view for today – still rather dark and gloomy but we can watch the BAFFLEHEAD ducks swimming across the lake.

Suzy Zoo wall decs

Here’s some very happy Suzy Zoo characters to help you feel welcome!

Mrs. Munchkin stays for tea.

And LOOK!! Mrs. Munchkin even stayed to have tea with us!

Grannie Rosie's stove

I’ll just go get the kettle on and we can have a good chat! How about some warm peanut butter cookies with extra peanuts and chocolate chips?

Peanut butter cookies

THANKS so much for dropping by and hope to see you again soon.




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