Posted by: Rosie | February 23, 2013

Dad’s Loghouse

Log dollhouse Dad built for me

Here is the log dollhouse my Dad built for me when I was already a Granny – because he could still see the “little girl” inside me.

broken loghouse

Sadly, this precious house got broken in the last move, and I had nowhere to safely repair it. I had a few minutes of absolute panic when I thought I lost some of the pieces, but then I calmed down and looked at it like a puzzle and organized all the pieces correctly.

tools to repair doll sized loghouse

First, I organized all the tools to make the repairs. I used the wooden dowels to add support to the corners where the roof  rests.

wood pieces to repair dollhouse

After cutting the wood pieces to reinforce the loghouse, I painted them. Not an exact match.

Studio supervisor

Mrs. Munchkin supervised the repairs. I managed not to paint her! lol

reinforcing the door frame on dollhouse

You can see the painted pieces reinforcing the walls and the unpainted ones for the door frame. Have ordered some more wood to finish off the reinforcements so the house will (hopefully) never come apart again.

Dad's loghouse repaired

Here is the house all back together, waiting for further reinforcements. Lovely to have it out of the box and be able to enjoy it. Already have a friend eager to help me set up the furniture and other items Dad made for this wonderful house!

Rosie Chucklebeary's studio worktable

Although we downsized a lot moving here (2600 to 900 square feet), I made sure I had great studio space to work on things that are important to me – like repairing Dad’s house. My work table has a beautiful view of the lake and lots of natural light. Looking forward to lots more projects!




  1. Grannie nice doll house! I haven’t seen or heard from you lately, maybe we could play Tinkatolli later? Tinker on!


    • Hey Buddy! Hope we can get together on Tinkatolli soon 🙂 Miss having FUN with you and the awesome meals you made for us! HUGS!!

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