Posted by: Rosie | April 16, 2013

Spring Pics

Spring 2013 April 11th Recycling

Every spring (and every other day of the year – lol) Bella sheds lots of fur. Here is one of my favorite recycling projects – the birds take Bella’s fur to line their nests.

Spring 2013 April 15th Bella

Bella waiting by the side of the road to meet and greet anyone walking past. She knows everyone!

These two pics are by my husband.

Cherry tree blooming outside solarium window 2013

Beautiful sunny day on the lake with the ornamental cherry tree in full bloom.

rhododendren 2013

Lovely rhododendron blooming on the property. We have over one acre on the lot to share with the other tenants. I can even have a plot if I want. At the moment, I am enjoying the garden and letting our wonderful resident caretaker do all the work!

Trilium blooming in the woods

Interesting tree form 2013

No idea what this little tree is – but the designs in the branches are amazing!

Recycling garden focal points

Part of the property is left as natural woodland so we have raccoons and deer walking through. Love this old wagon adding interest to a walk in the forest.

For the next few weeks, I will be sharing photos from my home, and my friend’s gardens, as well as several of my paintings. I am currently scanning my paintings and using a photo stitching program, so I can print out 8 by 10 inch copies for friends and family to enjoy.

Wishing you a wonderful spring!


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