Posted by: Rosie | August 29, 2013

Visiting Old Home

Grannie Rosie at old home

My husband and I went back to our old neighborhood. Here I am in front of our old home.

View from my studio in old home

Here’s the view from my old studio. Bella, our dog watched everyone coming and going from the floor to ceiling windows. All the tourists would just walk by, but our friends and neighbors would always look up and wave.

Grannie Rosie at the beach

Beautiful place to live. A tiny and very remote community with wonderful people. Strange to be back and be called “Bella’s Mom” again!

Beach near old home 2013

Here’s some more photos of the beach – just a two minute walk from our old home. And there is NO ONE else on the beach even on a beautiful sunny afternoon! Not many places left on the planet like this!

Water view near old home 2013 Out to sea near old home 2013

Wonderful trip! Enjoyed meeting old friends and neighbors, and meeting new people who have joined the community.






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