So after creating all these pages I decided to try a section that really is a blog!! I hope to post something new every weekend or even more often!! And why am I doing this blog? It started as a fun way to share photos and real life stories with my family and friends. I was very close to both my grandmothers and now I wish I knew more about them. So many stories are gone that I will never know. I have a quilt my great-grandmother made in her eighties! And needlework from my grandmother as well as some of her recipes.

I wanted to create a personal archive for my family, and all my grandchildren both in the real and the virtual world. I also started adding pieces of my fictional stories because I knew someone needed to hear them and know they are NOT alone.  

So here’s a few thoughts and lots of photos – hope you enjoy them! here’s a peek at my office where all this fun stuff happens – faithful puppy is there with me under the table  – you cannot see the cats behind me – but they are there too – keeping me company while I work!! And if I get up to take a break – someone takes my chair!!  my fairies and angels watch over me while I work. The lovely girl angel is the work of one of my heroes, Nancy Noel – she inspires and delights me. Her web site is truly worth a visit.


We finally decided what digital camera we wanted – then we checked reviews from ordinary people and found it did not live up to expectations – so I finally got a used one to play with – pics are not fabulous but its fun to just aim, shoot and go to computer – no more waiting for the film!!

Updates from February 2013 – have a good digital camera that I have used for two years now and really enjoy the photos I can take. My husband is way better at the “big picture”, while I love to focus in on details.

A very sad note – Mr. Alex died of cancer and is no longer keeping us on schedule. Poor Mrs. Munchkin still cried at night. She and Alex used to play tag and other exciting games while we tried to sleep. We all miss him.


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