(11) April 2011



Plants patiently waiting for the rains to stop and allow me to get out in the garden and find them a great place to grow!!

I’ve run out of stairs to put the plants on!!

Violas are tender perennials – mine all died over the winter. I have these plants and lots of viola seeds to start new patches.

Never grown this color – they look so cheerful! I bought 2 sets of them!

My Spanish and English lavender survived well, but my poor delicate French died. I have two news ones to plant.

For those of you who like to know these things – I also have 2 new roses, the large bleeding heart, nasturtiums, climbing black-eyed susans, impatiens,  snapdragons, million bells, sweet peas, pansies, african daisies, dianthus in two sizes, and geraniums as plants ready to go in the garden. Then, of course, I have seeds to be directly planted.


Thursday April 28th

Even if I cannot get out to garden – let’s enjoy some pics of the sunny days we did have!

I always think of the singing flowers in Alice in Wonderland when I see pansies. It is SOOO easy to imagine faces on these flowers – this one looks like an old man with a goatee!!

I love bleeding hearts. They look like frilly laced dancers all in a row!

Part of the new flower bed around the cherry tree.

I finally remembered – these are the egg basket tulips!!

Wednesday April 27th

Rain Rain and more RAIN – now we can expect a thunderstorm too!!

Stuck inside again – sorting through some things –


Cleaning up in my studio I found this sketch of a dragon – wonder what I should make from it? Was thinking painting the back of a shirt.

 LOOK!! It’s even raining outside my cave on Webosaurs!!

Here’s the other side of my Webosaurs cave!! Awesome Rex keeps guard when I am not home!!


Tuesday April 26th

Life going back to usual routine – gardening instead of tennis now!!

Another day of photos by my husband .

Our resident squirrel brought her mate over this morning – they were chasing each other up and down our trees while they waited for me to get out with the food!!


Here she is in the quince – right outside our dining room window! She didn’t seem to care about my husband and I watching her or the camera!

And here she is on the other side – sitting in the hazelnut tree about two feet from the window. Her mate had the sense to run away when we came to the window. All we got was a photo of his tail!!

Here is one of the pair of ravens we now have coming to the feeder. They are a LOT bigger than the crows!!



Today Jesus has risen again. His life’s mission is over. He has triumphed over death and left the door open for all of us to follow Him to Heaven when our time comes.

Judas has killed himself because he cannot live with his guilt. Judas makes the perfect contrast to Jesus who died to save His friends.



Wonderful photo giving the sense of light Jesus brought into a dark world. If we believe He is alive we can shine with  His Light as a path for others to follow.


Saturday April 23rd

Lovely day working in the garden. My dear husband is not able to help much with the gardening but he loves to come out with me and sit in the sunshine. We chat and plan things. I always make sure we have lots of flowers he likes.

Today we shall have photos by Gramps!!

Here are some birds happily eating in the feeder – not worried about Gramps at all!!

Here is Button, the new kitten from next door, bravely coming over to meet Bella!!

Button loved my flowers and wandered carefully through them several times. You can see Bella is quite fascinated with our new neighbor!!

Button loves to play. I am not sure playing tag with an eighty-two pound dog is the best idea though!!

Gramps like to look at the bigger picture. Here is the new garden under the old cherry tree – not just one flower at a time!!



April 22nd – very late Easter this year! Worked out well because spring is very late. Usually the lilacs are blooming by now!!


I cannot recommend her animated card service enough!!


Let is all remember the true meaning of Easter. A time where Jesus suffered both physically and emotionally when people turned on Him, his friends deserted Him, and He died cut off from God. He chose to do this so we would always have a way back to God – no matter how far we stray and how lost we become. He forgave even the people who killed Him.


Thursday April 21st


I love daffodils – their bright yellow trumpets seem to call out “Rejoice! Spring is finally here!!” But there are lots of other yellows to enjoy on a beautiful sunny spring day!!

We now have 2 pairs of American Goldfinches coming to our feeders. All 4 of them watched my husband and I had breakfast! They perched right outside the dining room window. Of course as soon as I tried to get my camera – they flew away!

This is my photo of one of the males in the hazelnut tree.

And here is an awesome professional photo! I am using this one as my wallpaper for this month. It is available at –


Here’s my only yellow hyacinth – beautiful creamy yellow!

A lovely group of daffodils.

 A rescued daffodil that fell over in the wind and rain – catching the rainbow from one of the crystals in my kitchen window!!

I love these new curly tulips – even the leaves have curls!!

And one of the plain, but not boring, yellow tulips!

Another happy group of daffodils!

A weed is anything you don’t want growing in your garden. I enjoy the dandelions for a while before they go to seed!


Wednesday April 20th

The tale of the squirrel and the crows!!

Once there was a squirrel who thought he owned the feeding station at Grannie Rosie’s house!!

When the poor hungry crow came along – the squirrel chased her away!!

The crow called her mate over and the two of them chased the squirrel away!!

But the crows were kind and let the squirrel come back to eat with them. After Grannie finished laughing and taking photos, she came out with lots of food for everyone!!


This sad video shows a squirrel defending the dead body of his/her mate? child? from the crows. At one point the squirrel lies over the body to protect it. This is a wonderful picture of a fellow creature who has feelings and is capable of love and faithfulness! They deserve our protection and an equal right to live on this planet!


Tuesday April 19th

Today we lost the wonderful Elizabeth Sladen – Sarah Jane Smith!!

Agence France-Presse  Apr 19, 2011 – 5:25 PM ET

British actress Elisabeth Sladen, best known for her role in cult science fiction television series Doctor Who, died Tuesday aged 63 after a battle with cancer.

Liverpool-born Sladen first appeared on the BBC show in 1973, playing the Doctor’s assistant, Sarah Jane Smith.

Sladen, who was married to actor Brian Miller, went on to star in her own spin-off children’s show, The Sarah Jane Adventures, the latest series of which was aired late last year.

(she stayed married to Brian Miller from 1968 to her death)

“I absolutely loved Lis,” former Doctor Who writer Russell T. Davies, who created The Sarah Jane Adventures, said. “She was funny and cheeky and clever and just simply wonderful.”

Doctor Who’s lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat paid his tribute.

“’Never meet your heroes,’ wise people say. They weren’t thinking of Lis Sladen,” said Moffat.

“Sarah Jane Smith was everybody’s hero when I was younger, and as brave and funny and brilliant as people only ever are in stories.

“She was exactly as any child would ever have wanted her to be. Kind and gentle and clever; and a ferociously talented actress but in that perfectly English unassuming way.” he added.


Here she is with Jon Pertwee (the third doctor) in 1973 during the episode The Time Warrior. I remember Dr. Who telling her to teach a queen about equal rights for women!!  The third doctor had the first episodes filmed in color!

And here she is with the fourth doctor – my favorite – Tom Baker. Very wonderful for me to be sharing this great series with another generation!

(photos are all from BBC)

I was quite stunned when Sarah Jane Smith showed up again in the new Dr. Who series still looking lovely!! Will be so hard to watch her series now, knowing she has left us!!

We shall miss you Sarah Jane!!


Monday April 18th

When the sun came out I took these photos of Bella and Mrs. Munchkin. Thought you could fill in your own funny quotes for them! They were taken about 5 seconds apart.

I think Munchie was overwhelmed by seeing the sun!! lol


Sunday April 17th


I admit to being excited about my 3000th tweet and getting over 4000 hits on this Blog, but I today I thought about the real meaning of being popular.

Things have not changed much, as people are basically the same. We worship people who are “rich and famous” but feel envious of them at the same time. We take great pleasure in watching them fail and get pulled back to the level of the mundane.

Any time we see someone reaching for their dreams, we try to tear them down again. We seem to like everyone to be the same – mediocre and wasting their talents.

The best example of how quickly love can turn to hate occurred on Palm Sunday. Jesus rode into Jerusalem in triumph with adoring crowds throwing their clothes and palm fronds to make his path soft and easy.

A few days later they demanded His death.

Only his mother and a few friends remained faithful and stayed with Him.

Michelangelo’s Pieta – one of most famous statues of all time!

Mary holding the body of Jesus after He is taken down from the cross. 

We are only truly loved by people who know us personally and are willing to stay beside us even when walking away is much easier.

Today is a good day to consider what and who is truly important in our lives. Jesus is the One Friend you can be sure will stay on our sides forever – even after our deaths.



Hope you have wonderful plans for the Easter weekend and I really really hope it stops snowing so we can enjoy it!!

My favorite plant store has gone out of business – there is a drive through liquor store there now. People do not have their priorities straight in life (in my opinion)!!

Went for a walk with my wonderful husband in the wind and snow. So let us think about some fun things to do indoors!

Dropping in to Minimonos for Pirate Days!!

Here’s the inside of my MM house before Pirate Days!! My pet thinks I am a landing pad!! I think he got too juiced with power at Einstein’s Lab!! lol

And here’s the outside!! Note ALL my recycling is done!! I always laugh when the piece of cake comes down the chute – who ever has left-over cake in real life?? I NEVER have!!

Wearing a shirt over my tiger suit is a glitch but I asked the kind people on MM NOT to fix it for me!!

WOW!! Looking awesome with my Pirate decor!! Did you know one of my ancestors was a real pirate?? It’s true according to my Aunt who did the research!!

And here we are me hearties – cannonballs ready to repel any attack. We make our enemies walk the plank into the shark tank!!

My MM Launch T-shirt is on its way!! Of course I chose Bea!!


Friday April 15th

Let’s enjoy some more Easter Decorations

Here’s the spring wreath.

Here’s Buck the Duck and all the little duckies!

Here’s my bunny and all the little bunnies.

The ducks and bunnies are made from pompoms!!

Another Mama and baby bunny with flowers!


Thursday April 14th

The birds are collecting nesting materials despite the cold nights.

Hopefully we will have some true spring weather before summer!!

Mrs. Munchkin loves to watch the birds. Today the squirrel dropped in as well – you just missed him – he ran away when we came around the corner!

White hyacinth in the heather.

It is important to “bloom where you’re planted”!! No matter how different you are from everyone around you!!



Wednesday April 13th

Playing tennis and writing books!

Both require dedicated time and effort!!

I post and Tweet about my tennis and how my book is coming to show how much time and effort it takes to achieve an important goal. I have been playing Wii Grand Slam Tennis for about an hour a day/6 days a week for over 4 months now!

I have won ONE match on the hard level but I keep working at my skills, trying new tactics and hope one day I will finish the US Open (playing best 2/3 sets on the hard level)

Played around with my book title and much happier with this one.

The best tennis players and the best writers are blessed with amazing talent AND they work hard for hours every day to improve their skills!!

The first draft of my books is fairly easy for me, but the editing and polishing take much longer and are not exciting – just plain hard work!

When you start reaching for your goals, remember there are many, many people trying to get to the same place. But also remember, most of them will quit because they decide it’s too hard. BE THE ONE still standing at the end, the one who keeps getting up and trying when the world tells you it is a hopeless dream!!


Tuesday April 12th

Decorated and ready for Easter!!

We have cut outs on the walls

and lots on the windows to let the birds know where the glass is!!

A basket of fake flowers with Mama and baby bunny made from a work glove!! Guaranteed to last forever!!

And no season is complete without greetings from Mickey and Minnie Mouse!!


Monday April 11th

Bad case of the Misabels!!

Misabel sat down in a corner and had a good cry all by herself…”I’m taking the chance to have a cry over a lot of things now when there is a good reason.”

From Moominsummer Madness by Tove Janssen

At our house, we joke about getting hit with the Misabels. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, we feel sad. This time, I know why I am sad. My husband and I decided where we wanted to live when he retired and even picked a house we like. Sadly, our plans have been put on hold as I cannot move too far away from my eye doctor. She is the only one in this part of the country who gives the treatment I need.

At least we had not put on offer on the house or packed up yet.

One of our favorite sayings, when things go wrong, is “sucky ducks!” In this case, I would say “millions of sucky ducks!!”

Even disasters can cause some good results – I LOVE this story!!

In 1992, a shipping container carrying 28,000 rubber-duck-type bathtub toys was lost at sea. Children wept. Mothers reassured, saying China would make more.

And it did, but that original loss has gone on to point the way for the world’s oceanographers to discover the nature of ocean currents, because every year since that loss the rubber bathtub toys (red beavers, green frogs, blue turtles and yellow ducks) have been washing up in such distant places as the U.S. and Australia.

Photo and fun story are from – http://www.celsias.com/article/secret-yellow-rubber-duckies/


 Friday April 8th

Sharing some not so great news!



I have been diagnosed with macular degeneration. Before 2006, my ophthalmologist (eye specialist) would have told me I was going blind and there was nothing she could do to prevent it. Now there is a drug which should restore my eyesight. My doctor is very optimistic as we caught this very early.

That’s why I am posting the easy test to check your sight. The earlier you get treatment – the better your chances of being able to see clearly again.

Besides not being to read at all with my right eye, the distortion is causing me headaches as my brain tries to deal with two different images that do not line up properly.

My ophthalmologist has been looking after me for over 20 years and is the best in my area. She wants me to be close by for at least the next year to make sure I can get in to see her quickly when I need to. For now, I get medication shot directly into my right eye with a needle every 6 weeks. Hopefully a few treatments will be enough.

My plans for the next while have to change. My husband and I cannot move away until at least next year. I am putting off publishing my book for a month and will try for the end of May. This allows me to work slower and take breaks when my head starts hurting!

I would welcome your prayers and best wishes for a complete recovery. Also – try the test and encourage your loved ones to try it too! Maybe we can save someone’s eyesight with an early diagnosis!!



Thursday April 7th

We had weird snow/slush/hail storms yesterday. Very slushy so did not damage my flowers. I really really hope it warms up soon.

Remember the poor battered primroses? Look how wonderful this one looks now with the flowers opened and a few new leaves!

Hyacinth of an unusual color but smells just as sweet!

Forsythia is blooming all over the neighborhood!


Wednesday April 6th

Looking IN and OUT the windows of my studio!

Here we are looking in!!

And here we are looking out!

You can see a few of my birds hanging out in the big quince bush!

Nice and private on the street side. Like living inside the forest!


Blog has taken second place to real life stuff . Hope to be back daily now!!

Tuesday April 5th

Despite the predictions of snow – we are just cloudy and cool!! Happiness!!

Thought we should see how things are doing in my garden!

Finally the Glory of the Snow is blooming! Think this should be renamed – it waited until spring arrived before showing up!! Snowdrops are all done for this year!

Hyacinths are blooming all over the yard. Beautiful fragrance of spring! 

I need more sunny days to get out and clean up the winter weeds!

Daffodils ready to open as soon as the sun comes out!

(Photos posted today were taken March 30th)


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