(12) May 2011

Tuesday May 31st

Waiting for amazon to publish my book, Inside a Wish, ready for tomorrow!

Dahlias are easy – just plant the tubers and let them grow. Make sure you lift the tubers up in the fall and store somewhere dry and cool over the winter.

Flowers have interesting names. Wonder who this one was named for?

These look wonderful!! Hope mine are as good as the photo on the package!

Although the package says they will be happy in part shade – plant your dahlias where they will get lots of sunshine!

Monday May 30th

Posting early as am working hard to get Inside a Wish ready for everyone to enjoy! Amazing how many things we need to do – title page, copyright information, as well as the publishing contract and pricing agreement!

Remember this fence?

Here is one side all ready for sunflowers.

And here’s the other side planted and ready to grow and bloom!

And here is one of supervisors checking on my progress from an aerial view!

Here’s Button in the tree and Bella making sure I work hard. Mrs. Munchkin took a nap in the basement after being outside all day starting at six in the morning.


Sunday May 29th

Sunshine Gardening Time

Will have the back yard finished today – then just the whole front yard to go!!

If you want to invite fairies into your yard – plant fennel. It looks so ethereal to me – perhaps something left over from another age or dropped in from another world!

I love green tea with mint at breakfast. Over the winter I use peppermint tea bags, but now I can go back to fresh mint every morning!!

These are great once you get them going. My husband loves the lovely “lanterns” that appear in the fall. They stay brightly colored for months after everything else is over. I have managed to get three to grow in the front garden. This year I bought more roots and also trying the seeds.

These look awesome! Hope they grow well. They are planted in a row along the back fence behind the chinese lanterns.


Saturday May 28th

Fairy Grandmother!!

I modeled for my fairy painting!!

The photo is ME at my 20th Highschool reunion – a lot of years ago!!

See? It does look something like me!! 


Friday May 27th

Counting down to June 1st

Make sure you are following me @chucklebeary on Twitter for a chance to win 1 of 4 $10 gift certificates for amazon.com!

This is the AWESOME new book cover my buddy Jacob (Jmann93.com) designed for me!! I love it!! You can see Jenny being lifted by love!!

Chapter One of Inside a Wish is posted on www.chucklebeary.com for you to enjoy!!


Thursday May 26th

Mixed up flowers


Nothing terrible on my husband’s test results and he is finally starting to feel better!! Thanks for your prayers and good wishes. This is THE BEST NEWS I have had in months!! Yes, my book is important, but nothing is more important than the safety, health and happiness of the people I love! !

Here is a photo of the awesome Hello Yellow butterfly bushes I ordered through the mail. I have two purple butterfly bushes in the front yard and I wanted some for the back yard. These grow and grow every year and are great food for butterflies. I ordered nine of them.

And here’s what I got – 90 bulbs of liatris white blazing stars!! Not anything I would pick and I am not sure what to do with them!!

I called the company who sold me the flowers. The yellow are out of stock now (of course) but they are going to send me 6 of these fancy (and way more expensive) bicolor butterfly bushes. And I get to keep the liatris!! My husband suggested I plant them up and down the alley for everyone to enjoy!! Might just do that!! lol


Wednesday May 25th

http://chucklebeary.com/ and @chucklebeary on Twitter  for the latest details on my celebration and give-aways for Inside a Wish!!

Let’s have another yellow day!!

Even yellow bugs in the yellow tulips!


Lemon Balm in the herb garden is coming along well.


Tuesday May 24th

Lots of new posts and a new section of Questions and Answers on http://chucklebeary.com/! Spending a lot of time making sure everything is ready to publish, Inside a Wish, on June 1st!!

Million bells blooming as they wait to be planted!

A few last tulips are still blooming – and the lilacs are finally opening – almost a month late!!

These tulips look like they are singing!!


Monday May 23rd

Please note Harold Camping is trying yet again and claims God tells him things that He clearly states in the Bible He does not even share with Jesus, His Son!!

Camping is saying God made a mistake and had to change the date for the end of the world!! God does NOT make mistakes – humans do!!

Please THINK!! Camping has a terrible track record!!

Time to get back to gardening – almost have the back yard planted.

Lilies waiting to be planted.

My husband has been able to come and sit outside with me while I garden. Button, the kitten from next door, checks out my husband’s cane! Button and Bella, our dog, play tag and just lay around together.

GLAD BAGS!! Stored my gladiola bulbs over the winter in these fun paper bags!! Now they are ready to be replanted.

Snapdragons bloom in their pots while waiting to be planted.

NINE DAYS until Inside a Wish is published on amazon.com!!


Saturday May 21st

Always amazes me how one person can terrify so many people. Harold Camping happily took millions of dollars from believers in his Judgment Day Prophesies, and then disappeared when his predictions did not come true.

This is a good day to remind ourselves to THINK , ask good questions, and find our own answers. Anyone who sat down and read the Bible could easily figure out God is NOT going to tell anyone the exact day when our world will come to an end. And this man made the same predictions in 1994 and some people believed him again!!

Remember this day the next time someone comes and sets a date for the END. I have lived through many ‘end of the world’ dates and we are still here. There are lots of things we need to do in order to survive as a species on this planet. Listening to someone trying to scam our money by frightening us – is NOT one of them.


Friday May 20th

Somewhere between my home and the PAWS office, the Post Office managed to lose my adoption package for Robert the Bobcat. The lovely people at PAWS were very helpful and sent me another copy of everything.

It’s easy to see why a bobcat can mate with a domestic cat. The kittens are sterile and can never have kittens of their own. When my children were young, we had a half-breed bobcat who used to come and visit our yard. We left food out for him, especially in the winter.

Not a very exciting story – no dramatic rescue – but it is very important to rescue animals when they need help. Quietly doing what needs to be done is as necessary as doing the exciting things that make news headlines.

We called our visiting half-breed, Buddy. He loved to sleep under our huge cedar tree and listen to my music. He adored Mozart and would lie there with his eyes half closed listening. When the music ended, he would stretch and wander off.


Thursday May 19th

Thinking of my sweet husband and hoping he recovers completely.

We have a HUGE collection of helium balloons. Every once and while we get a tank of helium and blow them all up!! Rascal used to grab the string of the Garfield balloon and race down the hall with it. He never touched the other ones!

Lovely roses from my husband for Mother’s Day.

Still waiting to be planted, these snapdragons are blooming beautifully. I will plant them in the front yard so he can enjoy them while sitting on the front porch.


Wednesday May 18th

Some more of my final spring flowers

Lovely triple bloom of daffodils.

These remind me a tropical sunrise.

I love being able to grow tulips without worrying the deer will eat them all!

Beautiful frilly lady!

Tuesday May 17th

If I write anything that does not make sense, please be patient with me. I am writing the last chapters of CRISIS COMPANY – my latest book. I am so involved with what’s happening in the story – I have trouble focusing on this reality!

For the past month or so, I have been re-reading my favorite old classics. I love reading Moomintrolls and enjoying the wonderful illustrations that actually match what the author wrote! Of course, Tove Jansson wrote and illustrated her own books.

But another set of books also has perfect illustrations. The partnership of Mary Norton with Beth and Joe Krush lasted through all 5 of her tales about the Borrowers. If you have ever seen the terrible movie The Borrowers, please read the books anyway. They are magical and absolutely perfect in adding the world of imagination to our world.


You might notice in this first illustration that lines are not erased – just one thing drawn on top of another. Different style. I don’t really think it works.

Later in the series, they changed to a more conventional style.

Even the cover pictures done by Marla Frazee for later editions match the original style perfectly.

Monday May 16th

Finally the rains stopped. Back outside today digging the new flower beds along the fence. Have so many plants to get in the ground!!

Usually Bella, Mrs. Munchkin and I start living outside all day by April 1st. This is the coldest and wettest spring I ever remember. Lilacs usually bloom the last week of April here but they are just starting to come out in the sunniest spots.

 Angelique tulips during the last sunshine we had!

Here are a few more spring flowers. They are the last for this year. Will be waiting a while for summer plants.

Tulips blooming by the basement door.

Last of the daffodils blooming. Most of them are over!


Friday May 13th


Digging new flower beds along the fence. Should be lots of sunshine for sunflowers and other colorful flowers. Have 7 different varieties of sunflowers to plant. Should be awesome if the snails do not eat them all.

Just to remind you – I DO NOT use any pesticides or herbicides. I also refuse to use natural pesticides that cause the snails and slugs to dehydrate or bleed to death! I do encourage the birds to come into my garden and eat them.

Here’s what it looked like before I started and before our buddy mowed the lawn for us! We have a lovely crop of dandelions!!

Thought we should see some of the last  spring flowers blooming – lots of daffodils and tulips.

These Monsella tulips are so beautiful. I have two sets of them in the front yard.

Daffodils come in so many different sizes and shapes – love this frilly lady! 

Still miss my local plant nursery run by my neighbor. The space she used to rent is being made into a drive through liquor store so she is missing the whole spring and summer seasons. Hopefully she will have a new space for next year.

Happily found some of the plants I wanted today and a great woman who helped me find good substitutes for the other ones I wanted.


Thursday May 12th

Getting organized and making things easier with lots of help from family and friends.

We rearranged the kitchen and moved the freezer upstairs. I’ve wanted to do this for last two years – really happy to get it done! No more tromping up and down the stairs.

Thought I would share with you what I do when I am upset. I bake!

This is one of my favorite comfort foods: PULLA – Finnish bread made with cardamom. Perfect toasted with butter and honey! Very old family recipe. My daughter makes it and I can remember my Granny making it !


Lots of oatmeal raisin cookies. Always remember to soak your raisins first so they don’t dry out your baking.

Baked some other things but forgot to take photos!! Sorry about that!!

We have a buddy mowing the lawn out back – it was way too long.

Lots of supplies in so we can sit back and relax now. Gramps needs to sleep a lot – best thing for him. He’s feeling some better. Tests are set up. Hopefully they will figure out what’s wrong and be able to fix it! He’s totally off work for at least another month. Too bad he’s not having any fun!!


Monday May 9th

Just lived through one of the worst weekends of my life! As you may know, my sweet husband has not been well for some time. He has taken a bad turn for the worse but is at home pending more tests.

Sadly, I really don’t feel up to blogging.

No idea when I will be back again. Thanks for your prayers and support. Hope I won’t be gone too long.



Thursday May 5th

I am always learning new things so here we go!


Both videos are of my huge cherry tree – the first one you can hear the birds!!


This my first video on the Blog!! For some reason WordPress will NOT embed these videos for me – will see if I can figure it out over the weekend – for now – just click the links – thanks!


Wednesday May 4th

Wonderful day in the garden with Gramps, Bella and Mrs. Munchkin. Sunshine. Starting to get things planted.

We had a lovely bento box dinner.

And a cherry crisp for afters – YUMMY!!

This is specially for my Twitter Buddy – Teddy2Tie!!

Wanted you to have the choice of with or without vanilla ice cream!!


Just to let you know – the sun is shining and my seeds arrived in the mail today!! HAPPINESS!!

I am also writing a new book – 3 chapters done already!!

so might not get to my Blog for a few days!! Too many wonderfully exciting things to do 🙂


Monday May 2nd


I know I have a whole section just for moomintrolls, but I just reread the eight books written by Tove Janssen and fell in love with them again!

I apologize for not being able to find the person to credit for this lovely photo of Tove Janssen. In finding this photo, I also was shocked to find she smoked and still lived to age 86! Reminds me of my aunt, who smoked and drank, ate unhealthy foods and never exercised. My Aunt also lived to her late 80s.

There is something wonderful about reading a book, full of illustrations drawn by the author. Every detail matches the story words. I really object to illustrations that do not follow the storyline!!

When I first read the Moomintrolls in the 1950s, I loved the independence of Little My, the attitude and travels of Snufkin. Moominmamma seemed too wonderful to be real. Now I find myself still loving Little My, but I relate to Moominmamma more and more. She cooks and cleans, but more than anything else – she loves her garden.

When my children were still at home, they used to joke they would come home from school one day, and I would have walked into one of my paintings. They would find my footprints in the sand, walking away. Moominmamma walks into one her paintings!!

I recommend this series to you!! You will find layers of enjoyment at every age of your life. Perhaps you will be inspired to say YES to life more often and worry less!


May 1st


Today saw the death of the terrorist Bin Laden, the evil man behind the attacks of 9-11. Although I feel relief he has been found and can no longer threaten us, I cannot rejoice in anyone’s death.

Today I remember all the victims of terrorism and pray we shall never see another day like September 11th 2001.

“I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.
Thanks Minimonos for sending out that quote.
 Every day I pray for peace in the world and in the hearts and souls of everything living on our planet.  I believe evil comes when we are not happy within ourselves and we start wanting what someone else has. Evil is willing to kill someone to satisfy its greed.
I also pray that we, as the dominating species on this planet will start providing everyone with enough food and water, and the chance to find happiness. I see my birds, who have lots of food, clean water, and safe places to nest, playing together. They seldom fight. Large jays feed alongside the tiny siskins and chickadees.
Thanks to the very brave forces who risked their lives to defend us. I pray, one day, you will no longer be needed.
I also pray Al Qaeda will not be like a hydra – cut off one head and it grows two in its place!
by John Donne 

No man is an island,
Entire of itself.
Each is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.
If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less.
As well as if a promontory were.
As well as if a manner of thine own
Or of thine friend’s were.
Each man’s death diminishes me,
For I am involved in mankind.
Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee.


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