(13) June 2011

Tuesday June 28th

Mrs. Munchkin and the balloons!!

There’s a jingly bell and a ribbon on the floor – it MUST be for ME!!!

WOW!! I get it. I pull on the ribbon and the balloon goes up and down. This is so cool!!

I can take the balloon for a walk!!

I shall attack this bell and beat it into submission!! It is also really good for waking my humans up. They like to sleep after the sun rises. Silly people!!


Monday June 27th

Hope you are making wonderful plans for the long weekend!! Everyone should have fireworks!! I LOVE fireworks. Start on Friday to celebrate Canada Day



Check out the link for an awesomely easy Canada Day Cake!!


and the party can go right through to Monday July 4th!!



 Check the link for directions to decorate your cake!!

Lovely patriotic cake to finish off the celebrations!!


Sunday June 26th


Lots of fun last weekend playing with the bubbles. This weekend we added helium balloons!

Time to bring out the box of helium balloons. We couldn’t believe how many “I love you” heart ones we still had!! Lots of love around this home!!

Good times always start with MICKEY!!

Aladdin flying away with Jasmine seems like a great choice too!!

And one of my all time favorite balloons!!

In the past we have rented a helium tank and blown up our entire collection, but this year we settled for this small tank. Still much easier than loading inflated balloons into the car!!

 Missed a lot of blogging as I polished my latest book – CRISIS COMPANY!! Despite missing a week, I am pleased to be back on schedule to publish August 1st, 2011!!

This week I will working on an idea for the book cover. Will show you pics as I develop my idea!! I discussed this with my awesome graphic artist, Jacob Rylan, who really needs a long and FUN vacation!! He did the cover for Inside a Wish!!


Tuesday June 21st



To celebrate let’s have a mocha milkshake!!

And a homemade oatmeal raisin cookie!! Perfect snack after some hard work in the garden:

1 cup whole milk

1 cup vanilla ice cream

2 tablespoons (NOT heaped) mocha mix

run through blender until completely mixed

This makes a thin and very easily drinkable shake. If you want it thicker – use more ice cream and less milk.

I know this says for hot chocolate but it works great – just make sure to blend until completely mixed!!

Today in northern Finland, called Lapland, the sun will never completely set. 



 In Australia, where they love making their own rules, winter started back on June 1st!!



Monday June 20th

Some flowers are blooming despite the cold weather!!

First of the full size iris. Not sure why someone bred these to be almost brown! Not my idea of a great flower color!

This is how I am saving my sunflowers from the snails. I take the plants in at night which is when the snails come out to feed. I have to check them all because sometimes a snail is hiding on the side of one of the pots!

These are giganteus sunflowers and will grow to be over 10 feet tall!!

Chatted with another of my neighborhood gardeners. He also goes out with a flashlight and squishes snails at night!!

Portulaca is managing to bloom. I really wanted Livingstone Daisies but it is still too cold for them.


Sunday June 19th


A day to be celebrated with a lot of fun!!

Also the perfect day to test all the fun toys for all the summer birthdays coming up!! I am SOO glad to have a husband who still knows how to have FUN!!

This is THE BEST bubble blower system we have ever tried!! Even beats our Buzz Lightyear one!!

LOOK!!! LOOK!!! LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Munchkin ran away. She did not like the noise from the blower but Bella stayed, although I do not think she really liked being covered in bubbles.

Took less than 10 seconds to make all these bubbles!! AWESOMENESS!!



Saturday June 18th


and HAPPY to be home with hot water and a computer again!!

Hopefully family issues will not require all my time and energy, although I am needed more than usual. So if you do not see new posts, no worries,  just means I am in the real world. I will come back 🙂

So let’s see what’s happened while I was away –

Remember these guys?

At least my hollyhocks will survive. The snails have devoured most of zinnias and all of my african daisies. They just keep eating until nothing is left.

And the lemon balm already has rust – I think it is a type of fungus. Just wanted you to see what happens when you do not use herbicides or pesticides.

I still believe it is all worth it. My neighbor goes out at night with a flashlight to catch and squish the snails and slugs. At least he is not using anything poisonous!!

Here’s how things look along the back fence in the new garden I dug this year. I am growing a lot of things from seeds. At the moment I am not sure whether some things are weeds or something I planted – so not cleaning this flower bed much.

Although this has been the worst year I can ever remember for getting the garden going, my herb garden is amazing as usual as it thrives in its sheltered corner. I chatted with another gardener this week. She had to start all over again as the cold weather killed the first plants she put in. Hopefully we will have summer now!!


Tuesday June 7th

Wishing everyone a wonderful and happy summer!!

I will be away for the next while – possibly a long while. Nothing terrible has happened. I am needed elsewhere for now. Hope to be back with you in the fall.

Thanks for dropping by!!



Monday June 6th

Decided to take a break completely off the computer for a few days. Enjoyed the real world and finished planting my garden – finally!!

Hope to be back with you again tomorrow!

Don’t forget to get your copy of my book, Inside a Wish by Rosie Chucklebeary, available from amazon.com! 111 pages (if we printed it out) for summer reading!!


Thursday June 2nd

LILACS are finally blooming – well over a month late!!

Let’s have a whole day of lilacs – I LOVE them!

Lilac tree is probably as old as the house – about 80 years – and the blooms are right next to the front porch. The scent drifts in our windows. Beautiful!


Wednesday June 1st

Here we are entering the second year of my blog!!


Seems like the perfect day to publish my first book written for my grandkids!

It is available to download from amazon.com for a mere 99 cents! Enjoy!!


Awesome book cover designed by my buddy, Jacob – also known as Jmann93!!


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