(15) August 2011

Wednesday August 31st


As my latest book is still taking up most of the space in my brain, let’s enjoy some flowers without words. Should be finished my book, 2 Tonnes of SISU today and will be taking a break from writing at least until the long weekend is over!

My next story is already lined up and ready to start. It is a Christmas Story and will be lots of FUN!!

Butterflies in the butterfly bush!


Friday August 26th


My head is full of my latest book, 2 Tonnes of SISU!! Finished chapter 28 today and still do not see the end. Very emotional book. Looking forward to sharing it with everyone. Hope to publish December 1st, 2011.

NASA photo from space of Irene the hurricane headed towards the East Coast of the USA!

What an amazing sight! Terrifying. Pray for everyone in harm’s way!


Wednesday August 24th

Just Cheerful Sunflowers to brighten our day!


Tuesday August 23rd

Inspired Again

Here’s one of my favorite artists painting my favorite Disney Princess, Snow White!

This book is more a personal journey than a help book for creativity. Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’ is still the best book ever for helping artists find and maintain their creativity. However there were wonderful moments when I understood something more clearly. Throughout the book I felt inspired by this amazing artist who, on faith, set out to bring Light to a dark world with affordable art in a homely and relaxing setting – not the intimidating cold white halls of most art galleries.


You can see Thumper on the left – my favorite bunny!!

“The supreme challenge for each of us is to find ways to transform our daily experiences into an ongoing creative journey.”  (quote from his book)

So many of Kinkade’s paintings are of homes. Places that look warm and inviting where we would feel welcome and safe.

This is a cropped view of Teacup Cottage. I recently did a puzzle with this partial view and discovered I don’t really like the full painting which has a road and more houses on the right.

I laughed a lot when I read Thomas Kinkade writing about his paintings ‘talking’ to him. They tell him what they need, what’s wrong with them, and when they’re ready to be finished. Obviously we share the same sense of vision – that Someone is in charge of our creativity. We are just the people recording the visions, not the Creator.


Sunday August 21st


I planted a package of poppy seeds in the spring.

I didn’t read the package very carefully.

So I was very pleasantly surprised.

When every poppy bloomed in a different color and variety.

Each one lovely and unique.

Lovely all together.

And beautiful all alone.


Friday August 19th

Get Well Card for Grannie!

And everyone else suffering from this miserable summer cold!

Even the bees fight over which one gets the cheerful sunflower. Here’s the victor of the squabble enjoying all the pollen from this huge sunny flower.

I planted 7 different varieties of sunflowers. I must check which ones are which. So for now, let’s just enjoy them. Names can come later!

And of course, no get well card to Rosie could forget to add a rose!

Really hope you are happy and healthy! If not, please enjoy my get well card with lots of HUGS and good wishes that we are well again soon!

For those who like to know what’s going on. A friend came to stay with us to help celebrate the launch of my new book, CRISIS COMPANY. Sadly, he was sick when he arrived, and did not have the common sense to stay home and not make other people sick (especially my poor husband who already has trouble breathing).

We have both been sick since our friend left, and I finally went to the doctor because my ears were plugged and very painful. He sent me home to bed yesterday with painkillers and antibiotics.

PLEASE DO NOT visit people if you are sick. Don’t spread your germs around. It’s just basic consideration for other people! Thank you.


Wednesday August 10th

Today is a personal day of mourning.

If you wish to know more about why this date is sacred to me, you may read my story ‘Winter Sun’ (under stories on the menu to your right)


Tuesday August 9th

Grannie’s RED geraniums

Here are some of the markers from the geraniums I planted this year. You can see they are ALL RED!!

This one is actually red.

This is a wonderful color but it is NOT red!

Really NOT red!

I rescued this one at the end of the selling season for $1. It was totally dried out and dying. It is blooming beautifully now. I think it is trying to say thank you! (But it’s not red either!! lol)



Monday August 8th


Now that I have been brave enough to share two of my books by publishing them on amazon.com, I am dreaming new dreams.

New dreams are like buds just starting to open.

You can see the beginning of something wonderful but it is not clear yet.

A hint of color. Just a suggestion of what is to come.

New dreams are like spring where anything is possible. All the planting in the fall and hoping through the long winter that everything will grow and flower we way we planned it.

New dreams are like the start of a Grand Slam Tennis Tournament, where everyone still has a chance to win. Old players may amaze us by winning when we thought they were finished and ready to retire. New players we have never seen before may dazzle us with their new-found confidence.

And then one day our dreams open and show us their wonderful colors. They become real. We glory in their fulfillment and enjoy every second of their achievement. We call our friends and family to help us rejoice and celebrate, and long after, we remember the moments where we felt happy and content.


Friday August 5th


If you see someone with my madonna lilies!

They were stolen from my garden overnight!

And YES – that is my hand in the photo – not the thief!

I cannot understand this. They were in the front yard for everyone to enjoy! Now only the thief can see them – wherever they are.


Tuesday August 2nd

Please read my stories if you want or not if you do not.

Whatever you like. They are there to share.

Me? I am going back to my garden and to writing my next story!

Today my first sunflower bloomed. Happiness!!

You can see the buds forming on the other ones!

The giganteus variety are now much taller than the fence!

Another look at the first sunflower for this year!


Monday August 1st


My editors laughed on the first page!!

Enjoy this fun story of 5 boys, 5 foul mouthed birds and 3 dogs!



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