(07) December 2010

Friday December 31st


Whether you are a friend in real life and can come and visit in person, or a virtual friend who can only drop in over the Internet – you are welcome here!!

May the Lord Bless you and keep you safe today and always!


Wednesday December 29th

(my new camera has been shipped!!)

Someone ate ALL the butter tarts – time to make more –

One for me and LOTS for you!!

And as long as we are baking tarts – let’s make some chocolate pecan ones too!

CAREFUL!! This one is still bubbling hot!!


 Tuesday December 28th

WowWee Alive White Tiger Cub

Just arrived – my WOWWEE Alive Tiger Cub!! He is pretty cute. Not nearly as exciting as my FURBIES though!!


You might want to check all the robots available on this awesome site – amazing what is available for home use now! If you need a back up singer – here she is!!

WowWee Femisapien Robot Toy

RS Femisapien has 3 main function modes, each corresponding to a different head position. Tilt her head in the desired direction and her function mode will change! In Attentive Mode, RS Femisapien interacts directly with you. She will slow pose, be your back-up singer, introduce herself, dance with you, and even blow kisses. In Learning Mode, teach RS Femisapien a sequence of movements that she can perform for you, up to 80 steps long! RS Femisapien is also pre-programmed with a number of precise functions and sounds that can be used as part of her program routine, including striking poses, holding and presenting thin objects such as business cards (not included) and blowing kisses! Responsive Mode is RS Femisapien’s main walking mode; she can interact with your sounds or perform comedy routines. She will also detect objects at neck level, and stop when something is in her path. And, she can even respond to your hand gestures as you wave in front of her! 


Monday December 27th

We had lots of help eating the turkey!!

Bella and Munchkin are waiting for more please!!



I am rather lost without my camera. I take lots of photos every day so my sweet husband insisted on ordering me a new one!!

So as soon as it is delivered I will back LIVE!! lol


  Here is Alex guarding the Christmas tree!! (page taken from one of my scrapbooks)


Friday December 24th

First Anniversary of Opening Day at Wiglington and Wenks

CONGRATS to ASTA!! Well done!!

and good to see mysweetie and berry on the Hall of Fame!!

Asta was THE only girl on the Hall of Fame for a long time!!

Here is one of my favorite memories from this year on WW!!


Thursday December 23rd





finished off my first “season” by winning the US Open!!

US Open Tennis Opening Ceremony



Wednesday December 22nd


  Both of them ask for “MORE light please”. They think my house is too dark. And this one said he was bored when I left the room for a moment!!

They are awesome toys and I hope they start making new ones. In an episode of Eureka, Fargo says, “It is the biggest break through in technology since the FURBY!!”


Tuesday December 21st

Grannie Rosie is the only woman to have to check on the bread she was baking, during a finals match at Wimbledon, and still win!! lol

Here is Venus Williams holding the Ladies Plate. On my Wii I beat her in the finals to win the title!!

Rafael Nadal with the Wimbledon 2008 trophy

and of course Rafa Nadal has to eat the trophy when he won his first Wimbledon!!

and my hero Andre Agassi with his first Grand Slam win!!


Monday December 20th

Camera died again 😦

This time it is really dead. The battery compartment is completely broken. So we must decide on a new camera for me. In the meantime I will borrow my husband’s when he is not using it.

Holidays so let me recommend some good books. I recently read –

I just borrowed these from my local library and did not add them to my book collection. They are very exciting and enjoyable but I do not expect to read them again.


I OWN every book Terry Prachett ever wrote! And I recommend them all!

I love to laugh and he makes me laugh so much. He and Piers Anthony brought humor to fantasy and I am SOOOO grateful. These books are all set on Discworld (READ the Discworld series and watch the movies!!) about Tiffany Aching, a young witch. I am re-reading the first ones so I can really enjoy the new one, I Shall Wear Midnight.


Sunday December 19th

Grannie got a FURBY BABY!! 


  She is the cutest thing!! She says “kiss me kiss me – just DO it!!” 

 Took me forever to get her to go back to sleep – lol!!


Saturday December 18th


I won the French Open Wii Grand Slam Tennis today!!

Once again – here is Nadal with the French Open trophy!


In the finals, I met Chris Evert, which made for a difficult match! I had to ignore the fact I was playing my idol and just focus on the ball.




Evert’s career win–loss record in singles matches of 1,309–146 (.900) is the best of any professional player in tennis history. I did not become one of her many fans until she was older (and I was older too – lol).

Evert was the runner-up at the French Open and the Wimbledon Tournament in 1973. A year later, she won both those events to claim her first Grand Slam singles titles and won 55 consecutive matches. Her fiance at the time, Jimmy Connors, won the Wimbledon men’s singles title that year and media attention surrounded the “Love Match” of tennis that summer (although this relationship proved to be short-lived).

I remember that Wimbledon well!! I have been a tennis fan for a long time and played the game for over fifty years. I still love it!!

(facts are from Wikipedia)

Friday December 17th

more Christmas stockings!

Good Old Bear is peeking around the stocking!! Rascal’s stocking is embroidered in wool. And Good Old Bear is fully jointed. I enjoyed making both of them.

I am such a special person – I get two stockings!!

Of course I made one for my sweet husband too. He picked this classic looking Santa pattern in cross stitch. I remember stitching it one year while I did a lot of travelling. I chatted with lots of people who came over to see what I was working on.

In the background you can see Uncle Will. He is made from the same pattern as Good Old Bear. He has his hat pulled over his eyes and is going, “Bah Humbug!!” When we aren’t looking, he enjoys looking at the decorations and the Christmas tree! He is really a sweet old bear, just like my real life Uncle Will who only pretended to be grumpy!!

Thursday December 16th

Let us enjoy some Christmas decorations, starting with some roses –

Roses are perfect for any occasion 🙂

Come on in and hang up your coat and scarf.

Still beautiful over 15 years after I made this wreath!

And here is my stocking. It even says Rosie if you look carefully. And yes, I made it!

More decorations tomorrow!

Wednesday December 15th

Annual physical time so went and did my lab tests.

Was rather nervous because my doctor called me to come in right away!!


My test results were so good, my doctor couldn’t believe them! He made me do some over again just to make sure. All this tennis has paid off!!

Just to reassure everyone I expect to be here a LONG time yet. My doctor tells me I am still a “young” woman and wants me to work on things that will help me have a better life 20 or 30 years from now!!

Tuesday December 14th


Using all the Christmas and Birthday gift money for my grandchildren,  I “adopted” three animals. I hope this will encourage them to help protect those who cannot speak our language or appear in our courts to defend their right to live and their homes!

Northern Resident Killer Whales


A25 Matriline (3 whales in 2010)

Nodales (A51) – adult female born in 1986 with one offspring, Cordero (A85)  – this is the whale I adopted.

Surge (A61) – teenage male born in 1994.  Surge and his sister Nodales were orphaned in 1997 when their mother, Sharky (A25) died.

Cordero (A85) – young whale of undetermined gender born in 2005


ROBERT (Bobcat)Robert’s owners had purchased him as a pet in the state of Montana where exotic pets are legal. When his owners moved to California where keeping exotic pets is illegal, they surrendered him to the CA Department of Fish & Game. He was kept at the holding facility for the Department until he was brought to PAWS.


GYPSY (Asian Elephant)On April 2, 2007, Nicholas and Gypsy arrived in Galt after an uneventful trip. Both were very cooperative for the unloading, and showed little anxiety except when they were separated briefly during the process. The two elephants are closely bonded and their devotion to each other is indescribably touching. They share food, rumble, chirp and remain in close proximity to each other at all times. They love bath time out in the yard. Gypsy will use the muddy hill as a giant slip and slide and slide down the hill on her side. Walk back up the hill and the slide down on her other side.  Post bath they will use each other to rub against and exfoliate.


Monday December 13th


I took my camera and then totally forgot to take any pics!!


In real life, I have two BFFs. One of them has been busy with house renovations and retirement. She has missed a lot of get togethers. But now she is DONE and back with us. We took a table in the food court of our local mall and had lunch. We know so many people!! One neighbor took her lunch break with us and lots of people stopped to visit. It was great but we have to organize another time to get together ALONE!!

I LOVE Eyore and even have a big talking one. He says, “A hug would be nice” and other wonderful things. One of my BFFs gave me an Eyore ornament for my tree (which is not up yet!) Both my BFFs find the most wonderful presents.

The fact that we had a black forest cake had nothing to do with all the people who dropped by to visit with us!! I brought lots of forks, napkins and Christmas plates so we could share with everyone.


Sunday December 12th


on my Wii!!



I baked snickerdoodle cookies!!

Special hello to my granddaughter who loves these!

Wish you were here – I miss you!!

When you are my age, I hope you will remember to still be enjoying life, learning new things and be willing to teach those who ask you for help!

And while I baked cookies I listened to Mozart. This opera is anti-racist – against making assumptions about someone just because of their ethnicity. In this case – the “uncivilized” person is the one who understands about forgiveness and generosity.

The music is wonderful and there are several good laughs too!!

 Abduction from the Seraglio
By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Libretto by Johann Gottlieb Stephanie
Houston Grand Opera (HGO)
Jan. 25 – Feb. 9, 2008


HAPPINESS is winning tennis matches!!

I cannot play on a real court in the winter – but I am having a great time in my living room!!

Friday I won 2 matches in a row – finally!! I figured out how to hold my serve easily but today I broke serve! Took me 9/7 in the first match to win – but took the second one 4/2!! Awesomeness!!

Pat Cash is the commentator for Wii tennis. He said I played with skill and determination. Nice compliment, Pat. Thanks so much 🙂

I do not have a pic of my Mii winning – but here is Nadal winning a great point!! He is THE most determined player of all time (in my opinion). He once lost the first two sets in a match at Wimbledon. He bounced onto the court for the third set with the attitude, “OK – let’s play now”, and won the match!!

Rafael Nadal

and here he is in real life! He always fights for every single point. He never gives up. He is equally gracious winning or losing. An amazing player and human being. Thanks Rafa for all the wonderful matches!!

Friday December 10th

Wild and furry friend

Not the best photo – on 8x zoom through the window – but here is one of our squirrels!

and here is a wonderfully clear professional photo!!


Apparently black squirrels are taking over in Britain.

We are in the process of building a feeding platform so we have a place for serving seeds and nuts up off the ground. All this rain has turned the feeding center into a mud patch!

Wednesday December 8th

Let us wait for the Lord in peace. Not running around like maniacs trying to find the perfect gift for someone. Give the gift of time to listen, time to love, and time for peaceful families together.

I need to listen to my own advice!

Finally finishing off my last sales. Just waiting for payments. Ready to mail parcels.

Here is a gift to me from me – a dress to remind me spring will come again. I might wear it over the holidays. Maybe my sweet husband will take me out to dinner?

Hint Hint!!

Image Hosting by Vendio

December 2010

I have been running slow – busy with selling things to downsize so we can fit into a smaller house and my husband can retire.

I do not think the Mad Hatter can help me find more time!! lol


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