(08) January 2011

Thursday January 27th

Sorry everyone but I have to be away for a awhile. Family stuff. Nothing too awful but needed in real life.

No idea when I will be back.


Tuesday January 25th

Scratched by a baby kangaroo – best story of the Aussie Open!

CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: […] Well, the other day I went to the park and I saw this kangaroo lying there. If you’ve seen, I’m playing with the thing on my shin here. It was lying there. So I wanted to go over and help it out. As I went over to it, it just started to be aggressive and it actually cut me. So I think that’s pretty exciting. But I learned my lesson and I just started running away

Amazingly the Press bought the story and she had to explain she had fallen in the gym!! They cannot accuse her of being boring anymore! lol


Monday January 24th


you put the joy and competitiveness back into women’s tennis

This is such a great image from her website.


Longest women’s match at a Major in history went 4:44 hours and 16/14!! And then she played in the quarter finals against Caroline Wozniaki and almost took that match!! Thanks for the great tennis!

Caroline Wozniacki

http://news.yahoo.com/nphotos/Tennis-Worst Dressed/ss/events/sp/012011tennisworst#photoViewer=/ydownload_getty/20110120/photos_net_web_sp/1295549094

Actually, I rather liked this dress. Playing Wii tennis and getting all those great outfits has made me appreciate tennis fashion a lot more. I like Venus Williams line but I really did not like her dress for this tournament. The bottom looks so different – like it has been tacked on and has no relationship with the top part.


Really sad to see her come down screaming in pain during that match and having to withdraw. First time she retired in a Major in her career.


Sunday January 23rd

Further comments on being gay.

For those of you who wish to skip this issue – I have posted some thoughtful photos to encourage us all to protect this planet we call home. Perhaps we can reflect on the need to support all life including other human beings.

It deeply saddens me to see the hatred coming from people who call themselves “Christian”, condemning homosexuals and still claiming they choose to be gay. Even, apparently well-meaning teachers, make ignorant statements such as “homosexuality is a disease”.

I cannot imagine anyone in their right mind, waking up one day and deciding they wish to be shunned by friends and family, discriminated against at work and school, risk being attacked when they go out to socialize, and severely limiting their choices for a mate.

Only someone insane would choose to be gay.

In recognition of the scientific evidence, the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from the DSM in 1973, stating that “homosexuality per se implies no impairment in judgment, stability, reliability, or general social or vocational capabilities.” After thoroughly reviewing the scientific data, the American Psychological Association adopted the same position in 1975, and urged all mental health professionals “to take the lead in removing the stigma of mental illness that has long been associated with homosexual orientations.” The National Association of Social Workers has adopted a similar policy.


 We all know how annoyed most people get at answering the door to find a Jehovah’s Witness at the door. I know someone who finally left the JWs and joined a different church. She told me she had been unhappy for some time but did not believe she could find God in another church because Christians were rude, offensive and had no love inside them. They slammed doors, swore, and even threw things at her.

I truly believe everyone has the right to make their own choices. For example, a teenager needs a safe place, where she will be loved and supported, when her father throws her out the door for refusing to have an abortion.

I posted this earlier but I am going to repeat it. Prayers to “heal” homosexuality, even by the most devout Christians and a person genuinely trying to change DO NOT work. Perhaps we should consider what this means and pray for guidance.

Hatred of anyone only adds to the hatred in the world. Nothing will change if we do not learn to accept and love each other.

Centuries ago we lived in dark ignorance and committed such horrendous acts as burning lonely old ladies for being witches. Even today, women are being burned for “witchcraft”. The media portrays people with multiple personalities as murderers possessed by demons instead of learning these people dealt with being severely abused in the only way they could.


Most of the people who use quotes from the Bible to condemn homosexuality are guilty of one or more of the sins listed in the quotes. They drink and eat to excess and cheat on their taxes and spouses, yet feel they have the right to condemn other people.

Please read the Bible. You will find the only people Jesus expressed anger against were the hypocrites.

Sanctimonious people scare me.  They are quick to “catch” anyone else sinning, while ignoring their own behavior.

Matthew 7:1
” Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?”



Christians do not believe it a sin to eat pork, or demand women set themselves aside during their monthly menses, even though there are clear laws set down in the Old Testament about such matters.

Jesus came to set us free to love and have a direct relationship with Him.

I believe the laws of God are the same for me and everyone else. As a married person, I am not to lust after or engage in sexual activities with anyone except my husband. I have personally experienced the spiritual connection between spouses and the wondrous feeling of making love with someone you love and who loves you. I believe these relationships are what God intended us to experience.

If I have someone in my life, spouse or parent, who is willing to lay down their life to protect me, I can start to understand the love of Jesus who was willing to lay down His life for us.

Sadly, we live in a world where some people compare having sex to taking a dump in a toilet. Straight and gay people ignore the consequences of multiple sexual relations: STDs, a shorter lifespan, and becoming alienated from real love. People move from one relationship to the next, often dragging their children along through one “family” after the other, giving those children no sense of security or stability.

I do not have the ultimate “correct” answer to this or any other question we face in life. I do know homosexuality is not a choice. Personally, I am not going to condemn or hate anyone because they are gay, straight, white or black-skinned, have red hair or come from another country.

Interestingly, The Catholic Church allows homosexuals to be priests. The same rule applies to straight and gay priests. They take the same vows of celibacy.

We all have difficult decisions to make in life. We all struggle with our principles and morals, trying to figure out what we believe and not what someone else told us to believe or forced us to do. All I can do is support and love everyone, listen to them and remind them they are intelligent and capable beings who can make the best choices for their own lives.

We can choose to stop hating. Ultimately, the only person I can change is ME. If I wish to help someone, calling them evil, telling them God rejects them, and making them feel alienated and ashamed will not bring them closer to God or other people. God loves each and every one of us and is waiting to help us if we just ask.

Dear God – please help us all, now and always, especially when we forget to ask. Thank You.


Saturday January 22nd

We started with 128 men and 128 women in the singles – now down to 16 each. Had some great matches this week but my favorites were the Federer/Simon match and Baghdatis/Del Potro.

Juan Martin Del Potro missed most of 2010 with a wrist injury. He won the 2009 US OPEN defeating BOTH Federer and Nadal!!



Injuries are tough any time, but to just start your career and get sidelined for months is brutal. Great to see him back playing.

I have been a Marcos Baghdatis fan since I first saw him play. His smile is charismatic. Sad to see so little of that smile after he completed his first year on the tennis circuit. He reached the Aussie Open Finals in 2006 and impressed everyone with his love of life!


Sadly, both Del Potro and Baghdatis are gone from the 2011 Aussie Open.


Friday January 21st

Lots more Aussie Open Tennis

and some fun with my Webosaurs buddies!

Challenge Horns to Snowball Skirmish or just throw snowballs at him until your dino hands get too cold.

Pic and Party info are from:

http://www.webosaursraptor.blogspot.com/ – this is a great Blog for all things Webosaurs!!

Threw a lot of snowballs, made a lot of dinos turn into snowmen, and even won a few rounds of Snowball Skirmish!

  I like Webosaurs and have a membership with them. Lots of fun stuff with good games that test skills as well as knowledge. Parties are awesome so come and join us!



 Thursday January 20th

Another wonderful day of TENNIS!!

Had a wonderful time on my Wii Grand Slam Tennis and lost ALL the points I won online yesterday! Only won 1 of 4 matches!

Today I want to let everyone know about the Gay Straight Alliance. I believe every school should have this program.


This is where to find them – http://gsanetwork.org/about-us – and this is what they do:

  1. create safe environments in schools for students to support each other and learn about homophobia and other oppressions,

  2. educate the school community about homophobia, gender identity, and sexual orientation issues, and

  3. fight discrimination, harassment, and violence in schools.


Wednesday January 19th

Aussie Open Tennis

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I have been a fan of Gilles Simon (France) since he beat Federer at the Roger’s Cup in Canada (2007).  After the match he was asked how he managed to beat the top player in the world.

“I don’t know,” he replied. “I saw the ball. I hit the ball as hard as I could. I won!”

Five set match last night showed exactly how to finish a match even when you lose. Fight for every point. Federer needed 6 match points to finally win. Next time Simon plays a match, his opponent will remember he fights to the end and be nervous playing him even when ahead in the match. Federer joked with Jim Courier after the match he hopes NOT to play Simon again!!


 Tuesday January 18th

Let’s talk about FOOD!!

Here is the great bumper sticker we got with our order!! I LOVE IT!!

Here is our Penzey’s spice order. We already made a huge batch of spaghetti sauce with extra basil and lots of italian seasoning mix. I love opening a bag of Penzeys spices and herbs – the smell is amazing – not like the dried out and dead smelling ones from the grocery store. (Just to remind you – all opinions are my own. No one pays me to recommend their products)

Photos are with my new camera – love the camera so far but HATE the software that comes with it for editing photos!!

Monday January 17th



The father of the modern civil rights movement in the United States, Martin Luther King Jr. was born 15 January 1929 and died on 4 April 1968. Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964, he died when he was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee.

Here are two of my favorite quotes from this great man –

At the center of non-violence stands the principle of love.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

 (May God give us the strength to love those who hate us and show us the way to peace. We are not able to do this without Your help.)


Sunday January 16th


If you are looking for me in the next two weeks – you will find me either playing tennis or watching the tennis coverage. Exciting tournament with Rafa Nadal having a chance to hold all 4 major titles at the same time!


This ad is wonderful – really shows the determination of Nadal – he plays every point as if it were match point.


This is what I want to see in two weeks – RAFA with the trophy – after a lot of great tennis during the entire tournament!!


Saturday January 15th

My position on being GAY –

With all the controversy and posts on places like Twitter, and one of my buddies being brave enough to “come out”, I thought I should make my position very clear.


There is no simple answer to the question, ‘Are some people born lesbian or gay?’ There are some theories that stress biological differences between heterosexual and homosexual adults, suggesting that people are born with their sexuality already determined. 
Homosexuality is not a mental disorder and the APA (American Psychological Association) opposes all portrayals of lesbian, gay and bisexual people as mentally ill and in need of treatment due to their sexual orientation.
The American Psychological Association has carried out a systematic review, which not only concludes that psychological interventions are not effective at changing sexual orientation, but they can also cause significant harm. 




Current studies show exactly what I thought. Being gay is who you are – it may be influenced by many factors just like anything else about us, but it is just a fact. It is very difficult to be gay in our society. There are still many people who hate gay people and think they are evil.
Always reminds me of Jesus and the woman who was going to be stoned for adultery (having sex with a man who was not her husband). Jesus said anyone without sin could throw a stone. And of course, we have all sinned, so everyone went home. Many of the people who hate gays are also the ones who cheat on their wives and husbands, lie to get ahead in business – people who break God’s law every day but feel free to criticize everyone else’s behavior.


Reading the New Testament, I have never found Jesus saying anything about sexual orientation. To date, no one has been “cured” of being gay. The prayer programs do not work. 
 I believe we should love and support all people. So much misery and pain is caused by hating other people because they are different from us. We choose to hate someone, we can choose to stop.


In the early 70s one of my close friends “came out”. I will always be grateful for the time he and his friends spent helping me understand and accept them. Perhaps someone close to you needs your support and love. Try to listen and not judge, remembering we all struggle with trying to be ourselves in a world that constantly tells us we should be what “they” want.


Friday January 14th

Today I was IRKED!! (That means annoyed with something stupid!!)

REMEMBER TO THINK FOR YOURSELF!! Sometimes even I (although very rarely) am wrong. Ask questions, do research and THINK!! God gave you a brain to use and free choice to decide what YOU think – not what someone else wants you to think!

I picked up this magazine because I like the idea of a simple life: knowing what is truly important in life and acting on that knowledge. I must say I got a lot of good laughs. They tell me I should “lust after” a handbag worth $1100!! I have a friend who lives on half of that every month and has a great life!! (She has paid off her mortgage).

Then we have the ads!! If someone sent me one of these when I was really ill – I would probably throw it at them (if I had the strength). I find them rude at best and definitely unkind. They remind me of people who come to visit someone dying of cancer, and sit there talking to each other, about everyone they know who died of cancer, or even worse, talk about when the dying person is coming back to work!! (I know people who have done this)

And then DOLE!! I laughed so hard at this one. A while ago I complained on this Blog that Dole had added sucralose to their fruit cups. This ad makes it look like it was “the other cups” who do that and they were always the “good guys”.

Anyway, I think next time I will stick to my simple life where I have a lot better things to do than read magazines that IRK me!!

At least I can recycle this magazine 🙂



Thursday January 13th


finally got to play with my buddy in England!


If we were playing with real balls – this is where the tennis balls would be! Bella is happy to chase balls but she does not like to give them back!! lol


Wednesday January 12th

Won the Wii Gram Slam again – this time with a male player. I found it much harder to win. Had to play a tie-breaker for both the semis and the finals of the US Open.

Once we get moved and settled, I plan to get myself a trophy for my wins! I have not had a new sports trophy for a long time. (I have trophies for bath tub racing and for black powder shooting)Larger Image of Tennis Bobbleheads


 These are SO cute!! 


Tuesday January 11th

today is 1/11/11 but mark your calendar for 11/11/11 at 11:11 am or pm!!

Today seems like a good day to share some thank yous. Did you thank everyone for your awesome Christmas gifts? Is there someone who want to thank for being there when you needed a friend?

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog – my wonderful family and dear friends who let me know they enjoy their time here!! HUGS!!

(both the cards are my own design)

Sunday January 9th

Day of Rest

Today is the Baptism of the Lord, the end of the Christmas season.

Snow photos are by my husband.


Saturday January 8th


Sorting through more stuff downstairs and setting up my studio (moved it from one side of the basement to the other side). I have more room and am not under my husband’s office. Somehow when I hammer it disturbs his concentration!!

Here is my supervisor, Mrs. Munchkin, hanging out in my new studio making sure I set up everything properly.

Here is a cheerful ME quilt hanging on my studio wall.


Friday January 7th


so here are my first photos!!

You can see my Webkinz are dressed for Christmas in real life too!!

This is Shaeber – a gift from my husband. He is NOT interactive and does not have batteries but he is soft and cuddly and one of my favorites!

One of my favorite Christmas wall decorations!


Thursday January 6th

I love quilting and I love both stories behind this award-winning quilt.


Sibylle Von Olfers created this quilt during long sleepless nights grieving for her son Steven, who died in 2002. She found a book  from her childhood and turned it into this amazing quilt.

She says, “When I look at it now, I see my son’s sweet smile in the fabric.”

The story illustrated by the quilt is also available in a book.

Written over 100 years ago and newly illustrated with an award-winning handmade quilt, this enchanting story celebrates nature’s changing seasons.
Deep below the ground, Mother Earth rouses her sleepy children. The little ones ready themselves for spring, then join a jubilant procession of bugs and beetles up into the summer meadows. With each colorful turn of the page, the children discover new surprises waiting just for them.

Mother Earth

“All are quick and ever ready to sew spring clothes. Their hands are ready.

With needles, scissors, spools of thread, they measure and cut, full steam ahead.”

Book is available from amazon.com


Wednesday January 5th

So much rain – dark and gloomy out. Time for a good book.

book cover of   Wolfblade    (Wolfblade Trilogy, book 1)  by  Jennifer Fallon

This trilogy is great for one good read – sorcerers and sword fighting along with a wonderful soap opera story of a dysfunctional royal family. Just the thing to disappear into for a few hours and enjoy. Not ones I will keep around to read again though.


Tuesday January 4th

Another perfect score at the dentist!!

perfect teeth forever


My teeth are all clean and polished. (Smoking and coffee will quickly stain your teeth and make cleaning take longer!! I do not do either one – mochas don’t count do they?? lol)

NO cavities or dental work needed so all done for another six months!!


Monday January 3rd

Time for one last party – with my Webkinz!

Here are all 20 of my Webkinz pets celebrating the 10th day of Christmas!

In some cultures, people exchange presents for all 12 days of Christmas. Christmas Day is the 1st day of Christmas.

Looks like there is lots of dessert left for this feast.

In real life, I have already made turkey soup and frozen the rest of my Christmas baking. Not much left of the Christmas goodies.


Sunday January 2nd

WOW!! The men are MUCH harder to beat on Grand Slam Tennis Wii!!

Serbia's Novak Djokovic


Yesterday it took my entire tennis playing time to beat this guy!!

Pete Sampras


and today it was Pete Sampras. I can hold my serve pretty easily but takes me 6 or 7 tries to break their serve and win the match!!



Saturday January 1st


My New Year’s resolution is to have more faith and stop being so afraid. God will look after me if I just let Him. I pray for the wisdom to let Him guide me safely.

Mary Engelbreit is one of artist heroes. Her work inspires me every day. This year I chose another of her desk planning calendars. Her signature is awesome – ME – so let’s see a little more of ME this year.

And so for my first post in this new year – here is a photo of ME at age 13!!


For those of you who enjoy time with me at WW, MM and Webosaurs – here is the kid inside me who still knows how to have FUN!!

Apologies to Mikep for having some fun with my age!! Here are some facts –

1.  The first permanent photograph was made in 1826 by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce using a sliding wooden box camera made by Charles and Vincent Chevalier in Paris and building on Johann Heinrich Schultz’s discovery about silver and chalk mixtures darkening when exposed to light.

2. The first color photograph was made by Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell, with the help of English inventor and photographer Thomas Sutton, in 1861.

3. There is a great debate and confusion about the first color movie. The one we all remember is Wizard of Oz (1939) with the dramatic switch to color, but there are claims of a colored movie in the 1800s.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camera and other wikipedia references.

In my experience, most people did not start using color film cameras until the 1950s. Color televisions were not common until the 1970s. My family purchased our first television when I was 11 years old. It was black and white!

In 1945, there were fewer than 7,000 working televisions in America.




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