(03) August 2010

   Friday August 27th
Here is one of my favorite things –

I love this stove as it is a remembrance from someone important to me.

Although I can buy another one for about $30, nothing can replace the memories stored in this miniature wood stove replica.



Thursday August 26th

Lunch out yesterday with my sweet Husband!!

And I came home with all these lovely flowers – a thank you from my husband!!

We shared Death by Chocolate for dessert after a lovely, leisurely meal. One of our favorite waitresses served us. She calls us “Mr. and Mrs. Wonderful!” He went home after lunch to rest.

I really enjoyed getting out and seeing people. Got my glasses adjusted properly by my awesome optician. Somehow I got them all askew. Lots of smiles and laughs with shopkeepers we know.

Sunflowers can make even dirty dishes look cheerful!! lol

and here they are all arranged – looking lovely and welcoming!!

and the roses looking awesome too!!

ALWAYS remember to cut rose stems underwater. If they start sucking air they will wilt!!

Enjoy the bouquets but remember to savor the individuals too!!

This Saturday was girls’ night at the movies!!

Got to see Eclipse

Still a Jacob fan!! Remember how he kept her warm?? I hate being cold!!

I think this was the best Twilight movie so far. I did laugh when no one’s breath showed in the cold. It would have been so effective to show how warm Jacob is, that Bella is still human, and Edward’s breath should be so cold it would not show.

Everyone notice how Bree Tanner got lots of notice and air time in the movie?

I read the book – it was interesting as background to Twilight but not as wonderful as the series.

My favorite Stephanie Meyer book is The Host. She writes well about the philosophical issues of being a “conqueror race” and the effect on those taken over. Another great love story too!

Movie is apparently in production. Hope they do it well.

Monday August 23rd

Finally finished my Denim shirt!!

Had more time to sew lately so here it is! All the yellow outline stitching was done by hand. Nice easy project to work on – did not require a lot of thinking.

 I stitched the yellow thread over the original stitching on the shirt and changed the buttons to sealed wood ones.

The pictures are appliques from old seed packages reproduced on white cotton fabric. Great shirt for wearing to visit gardens. Amazing what a little work can do for a $20 denim shirt!!

Saturday August 21st

Beautiful Day – Sunny and Perfect Temperature

“Welcome to our home and garden. I will be your supervisor and tour guide for today!”

“Personally, I wish you would go home. Get that camera out of my face!!”

Sorry about the mixed welcome. Some cats just do not like visitors!! Hope you brought a hat!! Better put it on!

If anyone else goes near my birds – they all protest loudly and fly away. Sometimes up to 17 of them are hanging around the bird bath, chatting and drinking. Even I cannot get a picture of them. Although they do not leave the area, they still keep their distance from me.

But yesterday, a cute baby male rosy finch stayed around to have his photo taken.

Isn’t he cute?? I love rosy finches! Wonder why?? lol. We played peek a boo by the feeder. I need to start taking some video too – it was very funny. Here are a few shots of our game. Also the pics will explain why you needed to wear a hat!!

Pretending he does not see me!!

“Peek a boo – I see a cat!!”

“and I see you too!!”

“I think I will keep an eye on you!!”

 Friday August 20th
 Trying out new format for posts – and planning on doing more blogging again!!

Heatwave is over – we went from around 100F back down to the 60s!! From baking to freezing!!

Here is a great list with lots of fun comments and stories about what to put in your freezer:


As the end of summer comes, and my garden finishes off for another year, I am already planning my winter projects. For quiet days, a lot of good books. Just finished rereading the Ranger’s Apprentice series, with book 7 (Erak’s Ransom),  before books 5 and 6, and through to book 8,  The Kings of Clonmel. Series has stayed well written with great stories!!


I will tell you all about the new exciting books I read as I finish them.

There are always new babies. I do not think we will have any new grandchildren, and there are years before anyone even thinks of great-grandchildren. I believe everyone should decide for themselves when and if they want children. (Of course the best laid plans sometimes go wrong – or blessedly right!!) I like to be ready with a hand sewn baby quilt for those new arrivals. Here’s the one I am working on now.

 Have a new section for Holiday Celebrations and am starting off with my favorite – Thanksgiving. Menu and shopping list are up – recipes and decorations to follow soon!


Time for pizza and a movie with my sweet husband –

My husband and I are both still “big kids” and happily enjoy watching kid shows! Although not up to the incredible standard of the original Tom and Jerry cartoons – this was fun. Animation should bring the creative, but totally impossible, ideas from someone’s imagination out where everyone else can see it. I loved Tom sliding through the closed front doors sideways!!

Tried a new pizza – the Athenian. Pretty good but back to the old classic Chicken Club next time!

August 14th and 15th
Missed my blogging time last weekend but am hoping for some creative time in the next few weeks. Many photos on file waiting to be shared!
Shall we take a walk through the garden? Let’s make sure the birds are fine first – lots of fresh cool water!

When I walk around the garden – the birds greet me happily, knowing I am bringing them food and water. When anyone else walks through, they screech at them and fly into the holly tree to hide! No chance anyone can sneak through my garden without being seen and reported!!
We are being carefully supervised!!
Making sure we take care of her birds properly!
Saturday August 7th
We were close enough to a forest fire that the whole area filled with smoke. The sun disappeared leaving us in a murky twilight, and the smoke was like heavy fog. I could not see more than a few houses down the street. The wind shifted and some of the smoke blew away, but we are so grateful to see the rain come down. No one except the fire fighters were in danger. Now their difficult job is much easier with the rain helping to bring the fire under control.
Remember this tree? The one with all those chewed leaves?
Well here is one of the snails eating those leaves. My snails were so happy with the rain – they were actually sheltering on the deck because they had more than enough moisture for the first time in weeks. We went from a heat wave/drought back down into the 70sF with lots of rain.
I had trouble with my digital camera so my husband got his and gave me a hand. We were both taking photos of the poor snail – often with the flash.
This last photo is by my husband. Poor snail has decided he does not like having his photo taken and is trying to make a slow get-away!! We left him alone after this pic!!
Sunday August 1st
Made the last birthday goodie for my husband –
and enjoyed sharing it with our company this weekend.

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