(02) July 2010

Sunday July 24th
Got the batteries charged for my old camera and things look a lot better!!
I am such a nice Granny I let the grandkids use my favorite plates –
this is one of my granddaughter’s favorite – Winnie the Pooh
and here is my favorite – TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!! I love the Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story 2 where they go to Al’s Toy Barn and see the rows and rows of Buzz in their boxes – and get driven around by tour guide Barbie!!
These cookies look much better than with my husband’s camera – let’s see – one for me and one for you and another one for me and another for me………..LOL. Cookies for everyone – I will get some more 🙂
Today we had iced mochas and NO cookies!!
 This has been my dish pattern for about 30 years now. Over the years pieces were broken, and the pattern faded so we decided to get new dishes. I must have looked at over 2,000 dish patterns – and in the end I went on e-bay and got the same pattern again!! LOL
Saturday July 24th
I love this time of year – of course I love ALL the seasons – each one has its own blessings. Summer is great for having easy dinners. My husband and I often have “bento box” dinners. We have special sectioned plates and a great selection of cold foods to choose from. Just open the fridge – set out all the choices and fill up your plate! I love cheeses, olives and fruit, we both love fresh bread, and my husband shares his sliced meats with the dog – and any cats who happen to show up for treats!!
the start of an awesome bento box dinner!! Yummy!!
and what did I do with my day??
honored my promise to bake for my husband’s Birthday!!
(just the lemon cream pie to go – and we are saving that for our company coming next weekend)
this week we have cinnamon spice cookies – now upgraded with more information and lots of pictures!!
while I was baking my BFF in real life was sending me messages –
“Wish I was there!!”
Do not worry – there will be lots left when she comes over!!
You may notice the change in quality of my photos today – my husband got a compact digital camera we are trying out – so far not so good!! I like my old second-hand one much better!!
Sunday July 18th
I grow BLUE hydrangea – BLUE ones
nothing but BLUE ones
but somehow in the same garden, on the same bush – this one decided to be purple and bloom earlier!!
Here is my favorite photo for this weekend
Saturday July 17th
We have some wild spaces behind our home – so I went for a walk today with my husband, dog, several cats and my camera. I will show a few of the flowers we have growing without human help.
more glorious days of summer
I’m taking a FREE LIVE 5-Week Watercolor Course in the @creativeLIVE classroom! Supported by Daniel Smith Art Supplies (they are THE best!!)
check it out and decide what supplies, if any, you want and can afford before buying anything!!
I started off with just a few colors and brushes and have been adding things for years!!
You DO NOT need everything on the list to start!!
I use an old canning jar for water!!
now I have a LOT of colors!!
hope yours is wonderful
two different views of my husband’s favorite flowers blooming in the summer sun –
Thursday July 1st
Happy Canada Day to everyone
lots of family celebrations this month
I asked my husband what he wanted me to bake for his birthday – he said “EVERYTHING“!! We settled for his favorite cookies, cinnamon spice with white chocolate icing  – lemon cream pie and an apple-carrot cake with cream cheese icing. I plan to post all the recipes and takes pics to share with you!!
and NO he does NOT get these ALL at once!! lol
Reorganized and added to my recipe section.

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