For the last ten years or so, I have been a creativity coach. I focused on helping creative people improve their skills. This means I have edited books, both fiction and non-fiction, and taught drawing and painting. 

If you wish to see more about people who work in this field and what they do: 

Currently, I am NOT working in this field nor I am registered with any of the associations. 

this is still one of the best books to encourage creativity – and have fun!!

This is the cover of my old book – the 25th anniversary edition was published in 2008. 

I believe everyone is creative – it is part of being human. Most people are stifled pretty early in life. They are clearly taught – being creative is less valuable than being pragmatic and earning “real money”. In this age of “instant” everything – fewer people are willing to work at something for long. 

Being good at something takes time and practise. Being one of the best means deciding to spend time on your talent and choosing not to spend it somewhere else. 

For example, professional athletes usually start their sport early in life. Age ten is considered a late start. The same for musicians. Every day, they dedicate hours to practice and training. 

But professional level drawing and painting skills can be developed at any age (with commitment and hard work) and, unlike sports, you can probably continue for the rest of you life. 

I am very concerned about the lack of creativity in most schools. Although students are seldom taught how to draw – they are somehow expected to master this skill. Many assignments require at least a basic ability to draw. 

I even see people with degrees in fine arts who cannot draw well. They “decide” to do “abstracts” because they cannot paint anything else. Picasso could “draw like an angel” and then he thoughtfully skewed reality. 

For more on Picasso: 

I see artists who create realistically on paper or canvas going into animation or gaming. Their skills are appreciated. 

Interestingly, the most collected artist in North America is Thomas Kinkade, who decided to ignore the critics who claimed he had no talent, and launched his career outside the traditional art galleries. 

For more about his life and work: and 

I have added this section where I will try to help. I hope to give you some good reference materials and also some examples from my own work. 

Remember what I always tell my students and grandchildren – if you are really unhappy with what you draw or write – we can always use the paper to light the wood stove. (If you don’t have a fireplace or wood stove – the paper can be recycled into a new sheet for you to try again) 

Look where I started from in 1995: 

going off into creative space!!

Don’t let fear rule your life if you really want something!! 

look at the way I drew a person!! YOU CAN DO IT!!

And never mind how old you are when you start – Grandma Moses started painting in her seventies. 

You can find some basic info about her: 

Here are two other books on creativity – they are serious discussions of the process!! NOT light reading!! 

This is classic is still in print

an interesting study and argument

I do agree that creativity and intelligence are linked – but I do wonder about the whole concept of analyzing such wondrous things as creativity and love. By the time you separate the components and put them under scrutiny – they will fade out of this existence and laugh at your efforts with the Muses!!


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