Being an Artist

Being creative means you think differently and see things other people do not see. Often as a creativity coach, I reassured people they were not alone. Artists have gifts and wonderful abilities that separate us from some of the mundane world. We soar with eagles and explore other worlds where no one can follow us.

words directly from the master

I believe every being is creative, and our lives are better if we use our talents and abilities. Sometimes, this means being very very brave. Being courageous means doing something even though you are afraid. Doing anything new is frightening for most people. I know many old people who still do the same things, in the same way they did when they were young.

I would be bored silly!!

I am blessed with a husband with the same attitude – you know a better, faster, different or more interesting way to do something?? SHOW ME!!!

In North American society (the USA and Canada) artists receive little respect. Many parents refuse to consider “art” as a career for their children. If I sketch in public, people stop and talk to me, often making critical remarks.

In France, people carefully and quietly, walk around artists at work, to avoid blocking their view. Many famous galleries allow art students to copy paintings during “closed” hours. Japanese students are taught basic drawing skills in school. Many cultures revere and encourage artistic talent.

information about different successful artists (meaning they make money)

I laugh sometimes at our definition of “succesful”. It means we make lots of money. It doesn’t mean anyone likes or respects us as a person, or that we are happy or content with our lives.

As a friend of mine used to say, “If we are so smart – why aren’t we happy?”

If you choose a career – remember – this is where you will spend many hours of your life. Try and find something you like doing. Something you believe is worth doing.

In my life, I have known two street cleaners. Both loved their work. They were walking philosophers and I enjoyed talking with them while they swept up debris from around bus stops and sidewalks. One of them had a son who felt ashamed of his father for having a menial job. This made him sad. I felt sad too. Here was a man, earning his living doing something useful and enjoying it. He loved to consider life and enjoyed visiting with people along his route. I believe he deserved as much as respect as any other person.

If you are seriously considering being a working artist – here is a great book!! Please be careful – there are scams all over the art world – people who will take your money and your art and give very little back!! Get proper advice before you sign anything!!

very useful advice and many warnings about the art world


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