Drawing Instruction

Although I have attended some classes and workshops, much of my skill comes from  excellent art instruction in books and DVDs.          

Grab your pencil and take off to adventure!!


 My imagination is the only limit on where I can go and what I can do!! And my cat can come too!!      

this is the best basic drawing instruction I know


Mark still shows people how to draw. His calling in life is to teach as many people as possible, especially school students, how to draw. He has several books, and many visual instructions available.          

When my cable company carried the show, I would sit down every day and draw along. His style is fun, encouraging and easy to follow. This is still the book I recommend for any new student.          

Mark is still active in his quest: http://www.draw3d.com/          

Here are some more of my drawings with Mark as my teacher and guide:      

music rocks the soul


this is one of my favorites from this book


This one is my own idea and design - Friday nite after a hard week!!


The name “Finn Druit” is one I made up for cartooning around – and just to remind you where I started from:          

this is from before I started this book!!


and another "before" drawing


 These “before” drawings were done in 1995 – pretty late in my life!!         

Mark will get you going with the movement and action:      

better swim fast - he's just caught sight of you!!



The cereal skater falls again!!


And the ultimate creators of action and drama on paper are – Stan Lee and John Buscema of Marvel comics. I don’t have any of my own drawings for this course – but I have used this book and DVD combo for teaching – these are the comic book masters!!         

really fun to see these two in action


I recommend you get the book as well. These two learning tools are wonderful for improving your drawing skills and learning how comics are created.         

Clear instruction in both words and pictures


     and if you decide you wish to study drawing people – I cannot recommend this old book enough – or any of his instruction books!  

this is the best - the old classic that got it right the first time!!


and the best one I know!!


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