Yes, I believe in fairies and many other wondrous creatures people have decided do not exist. I often laugh about this. A few hundred years ago, people knew nothing about radio waves – but they existed just the same.  

Proving something does not exist is virtually impossible.  


Years ago, I questioned people when they told me I couldn’t do things. I asked, “why?” Most of them sputtered and grew angry – but seldom explained why.  

Now I try to listen more and only speak to people who seem willing to listen and think for themselves.

My drawing from Linda Ravencroft’s How to Draw and Paint Fairies  

I am often mystified by people


Inside all of us is a precious inner child. To be healthy and happy, we need to love and nurture that little person so we remember how to laugh and play silly games, and not be afraid to create and try new things.  

Sadly, I’ve watched some of my grandchildren grow up and lose those precious gifts.  

This quote is from The Snow-Walker Trilogy by Catherine Fisher: 

“He has an emptiness deep inside; a blank space where his childhood should be.” 

I do not want anyone to grow old with that emptiness inside. I wish everyone a wonderful childhood and teenage years – full of good times – so that when you are old – you will have many wondrous stories to tell your children and grandchildren. And you will remember how to laugh and have fun – show them growing old does not mean being boring and unhappy. 

Fairy Prince Reyim who needs to “correct” everyone’s behavior


My youngest son once tried to teach me to bogy board in the waves off Maui. I was quite hopeless. My son would yell “GO” but by the time I got going, the wave would crash over me. I came up laughing, my bathing suit full of sand, and watched my son ride the next wave perfectly.  

When we were walking up to the hotel, one of the guests said quietly, “that looks like fun.”  

“It’s wonderful!! You gotta try it!!” I told her.  

She looked around anxiously. “Oh, I couldn’t do that.”  

I looked at all the sad people sitting around the pool, books in hand, and wondered why they bothered traveling.  

obviously he doesn’t think I behave correctly at all


Many inner children are locked in a dark corner of the person’s soul, starved and abused; too terrified to even smile.  

I think those inner children run away and become fairies.  

This painting is also based on Linda Ravencroft’s book.  

fairy considering her options


People allow artists to be eccentric. We don’t have to follow all the social rules. That freedom also gives us the ability to be creative.  

thinking it over


I am blessed to be able to escape this world and enter into one of my own creation. I hope your inner child is also alive and well.  

perhaps the fairies don’t believe in us either


and I wonder if I wouldn’t be happier as a tree spirit  

 Close my eyes and I would disappear.

if you would like to know more about Linda Ravenscroft and her wonderful art: 


If you have read this far – I will share something with you – fairies who come and visit me in my garden:

I have these photos framed on my wall at home. Some people never see the fairies in the photo – they just see the flowers!!

I hope you will always be able to see the magic in the world!



  1. WoW amazing art!!

  2. Im A Fairy 🙂 That Would Be Cool, I Could Visit Your Garden!

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