Here’s where we wind up – read on if you want to see the process!


Some years ago I made the design for this card. I hand colored a few of them, and printed off several,  but always wanted to do a good painting of the design.

Here is the way the printed card looks – 

here is the original black and white drawing for this design –

I doubled the size of the design and used graphite paper to transfer the design onto my watercolor paper. Then I started lightly coloring the positive images (the flowers and leaves) to make sure I knew what everything was – and used a waterproof black ink pen to fill in the negative spaces (spaces between objects). In a good painting you will find the negative spaces are as interesting as the positive ones.

I used watercolor pencils for this light color. They can be used like pencil crayons or, by adding water, like dry paint. These light colors will flow together with the liquid watercolors I use to finish the painting.

One of my students and I tested several different brands of watercolor pencils – we both agreed we liked these ones the best

Now I finished off the light coloring and the black negative spaces 

Next – I choose the watercolors I want. I use mainly Daniel Smith’s watercolors but I have a few Winsor and Newton I am finishing off. I cannot recommend DS paints and supplies enough. Their catalogue is overflowing with information to help you chose the best item for YOU. They make their own paints so they really know their stuff!

and I start painting –

Already I am not happy with my work.

You can see none of the flower centers are circular. Mother Nature is very careful with her flowers and makes them perfectly almost every time – so back to the drawing board. Although I can never hope to paint flowers even close to God’s mastery of a real one – I really believe I can do a better rendition than this!!

With some help from my circles template – I have rounded up those centers and am ready to proceed!

Much happier with my sunflowers now. They need to shine – obviously they are my focal point – what I want you to see in the painting. Only takes me a few more minutes to finish painting the leaves and flowers:

I am much happier with this design but have ideas for another try! Artists are never satisfied with their work – always thinking of ways to improve and new ideas to play with!

I thought you might like to see what my work table looks like – here is the center painting – my husband says you must be careful if you come to visit – I paint everything – so do not stay still too long!!



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